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 now, at The Office Advisors is important to understand that we read the news. Furthermore, a good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta should understand their Market. However, with such a global economy we insist upon paying attention to what’s happening not only in the US but globally as well. So most of our agents are greeted in the morning with a screen of news. Here’s what’s happening around the world that affects you. Even if you were not necessarily focused on real estate. Real estate is one of the largest indicators of business factors. Go to learn more about how we can help you check out our website today.


 Moreover, it is important to have a good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta on your side. If you are dealing with Leasing you must look out to the Future. You never know what the environment will be like if you would 3 years from now. Retail has survived the storm and so has office. Therefore, you must have a broker with the foresight to make sure you were protected in your lease. many business investors have trusted The Office Advisors for services. We suggest you check out a Google Business listing for reviews.


 Furthermore, in uncertain times a panic. Many people will panic when they hear words like a recession. However, a good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta will prepare you for the worst. Whether you were leasing space for your business or looking to invest. Having the Long View and not just focusing on the short-term makes a successful agent. Here at The Office Advisors, we have many of them. Contact us today so we can pair you with the right one for your needs.


Some of  this week’s top news stories

 these news articles range from multifamily to inflation. What commercial real estate is completely hot still. The uncertainty of the financial situation was many are causing some to hit the brakes. However, others are ramping up.


 Talks of  another recession

Recently many analysts have been speaking about becoming the downfall of the market. However, a recession is not always a bad thing. And one of the latest of many to join the group is Moody’s. They are projecting a recession possible in the year 2023. So with only a few months out, we might be nearing it. The head of their commercial real estate research predicted in a report this past Thursday the recession in 2022 and 1 rising to a 50% probability in the next year. Some of the main factors have been increased home prices as well as inflation of course.


The overinflation of home prices has kept many in the rental pool. However, these overvalued properties that are selling are already at levels from the mid-2000s. The mid-2000s recession was a great one and many signs are pointing toward the same factors. That only is a recession and concern in the US the European Central Bank also said they are going to raise their borrowing rate as well. That should be done in July by a quarter of a percentage point. This is would be the First Rate hike by the European Central Bank in almost a decade. Us Federal Reserve will be doing something similar as well.


 Inflation is getting out of control

 Whether you’re at the grocery store or purchasing real estate with your commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. The price has hit an all-time high. Gas prices are through the roof as well as grocery items. Families in companies alike are feeling the pressures of inflated prices.


 According to the United States Federal Reserve, they will be continually rising rates. His borrowing rates will affect home prices and the buyers as well. With rising interest rates the purchasers of real assets’ power go down. These newly increased interest rates continue to Create deal pains for sellers. Whether they were under contract for a short. Of time now with the increased bumps the deals are being retrieved it or attempted. With bars coming back with new purchase price offers at a discounted rate. Their numbers change when interest rates do before a property is closed.


 having an aggressive commercial real estate broker in Atlanta on your side can get the job done. So trust someone like The Office Advisors to represent you in these transactions. We will work quickly and efficiently to make sure you were getting the best deal on either the buying or selling side. Whichever part of the transaction you were doing.


 Increase in jobless claims

 after a few weeks of declines and claims for unemployment insurance, last week they row. The increase of 27000 from the previous week according to the labor department. With an extremely tight job market summer saying this is a sign of cooling. However, it is still slightly above the moving average of the past four weeks. The past four weeks were 215,000 and the largest number of initial claims since January.


 What does this all mean, you might ask. Especially for a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. Well, this most recent increase shows an economy that is still creating jobs. Which is a great thing. Especially eat with a large amount of inflation continuing. According to the US Labor Department, the United States added 390000 jobs last month. Like most people, we’re going to work in the distribution and warehousing of Food Services as well as Hospitality. However, it is a note that retail jobs have declined. Here at The Office Advisors, we see an increase in retail leasing recently.


 Whatever industry you were in we have the right commercial real estate broker for you. Let us represent you no matter what you were trying to accomplish. We have the right team of individuals. all of our licensed commercial real estate agents and Brokers are located here in Atlanta.


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