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Impacts on production as well as business from around the US

 now there are many things that impact inflation as well as retail demand. Some of these include what is being manufactured as well as the shipping cost of these. Inventories in the business sector can be an indicator of what is to come as well as a current snapshot of the market. Therefore it is important to stay on top of many of these indications. A good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta will pay attention to many different factors to assist our clients. The office advisors will try to prepare your business not only for the current climate but for future ones as well.


Production output increases

 in the last month of June, US industrial production actually went on the decline. It declined by  .2% overall. This is a decrease however it rows 4.2% from the previous year. This is all according to the United States Federal Reserve. The witch report came out on July 15th. Detailing the second quarter in stating that overall had an even better increase of 6.1% from the same time in 2021. This is a great indicator of the supply chain. especially since the supply chain had so many issues during the pandemic.


 It should be noted that the Federal Reserve also keeps an eye on changes in the manufacturing and capacity sector. This provides a look into the industrial property demand. The index that the Federal Reserve is using has a baseline from 2017.


 Companies’ inventories are on the rise

According to the Commerce Department based on the report that was released on July 15th they believe that a general recovery is happening in the industrial economy. This is because the value of the manufacturer’s inventories and shipments increased from the prior month in May. However, they also posted a large percentage increase year-over-year. The dollar amount that was placed on this increase is 1.8 trillion dollars in May of 2022. Creating a 14.4% climb from a year prior. The inventories of Manufacturers are currently valued at nearly 2.4 trillion dollars. Which is another increase from the prior month and a year-to-year date.


 However, many are considering the fact of inflation. Is this going to affect the high dollar amount with an adjusted cost for the increased inflation we are working with? It is important to also note that inflation could Quail some demand from the consumers as well as corporate structures for demands and manufactured goods.


Retail markets report an increase in sales

 According to recent reports the US retail and Food Services sales actually increased a whole percentage point from the prior month in June. Furthermore, it should be noted that an 8.4% increase happen from the prior year. Is this all due to the cost of inflation? That should be taken into account of course. Many consumers still remain tepid on the fact of inflation in retail in another increased cost. With the massive increase in the cost of living many households are going to cut their finances in the future months. What is this mean from a real estate side you might be asking? Well as a retail business is important to have a good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta on your side.


 Having a good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta on your side during this time can save you money. Not only in the current but in the long run. Looking out for your future endeavors in real estate with less foot traffic can be imperative. Therefore, many have trusted the office advisors to locate and negotiate on their behalf. Do not hesitate and take this monster head-on.


Consumer sentiment

There are many studies that go into consumer feelings. As we all know as business individuals most consumers base their sentiment on fears. However major economic factors are currently affecting them and their decisions for the family. The University of Michigan, Friday they released a study on this back. It showed that 57.1% of respondents have a tepid feeling about the current economic conditions. This should be noted that is down 32.4 points from the previous year. And 47.3% have a favorable expectation for the economy in the year ahead. Which is also down 40 points from July of 2021.


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