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 a little more about us and our policies.

 During a previous article, we discussed a little bit about our policies and procedures manual. Here at The Office Advisors, we do things differently. That is why many customers have chosen to work with us. No matter what commercial real estate broker you use in Atlanta, The Office Advisors stands out. If you’re thinking about a career in commercial real estate or looking to change firms Why don’t you check us out?


Moreover, a good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta must have an outline of what their expectations are. This is especially true when hiring new agents. Not every company will head out their manual and expect individuals to read. However, that’s not the case when you work for us. The office advisors our team takes care of its own. We want to make sure you were set up for success as well as your expectations are understood at the beginning. Therefore, it only makes good business sense to start or further your career here. Why don’t you check us out and learn more about what it takes to be a successful commercial real estate broker in Atlanta? Not just at The Office Advisors but anywhere.


 we will die if a little bit into our policies and procedures manual on the second half of it now. So you can understand a little bit more about our expectations of what we do here. They need a different type of firm The Office Advisors stands out. Not just your typical commercial real estate broker in Atlanta.


The company atmosphere is important

 the culture of our office is something different. We are a laid-back and productive atmosphere. How can you have both you might ask? Well, let me tell you something we do it. The culture in our office is something different. We are a laid-back and productive atmosphere. How can you have both you might ask? The Office Advisors in our team of companies have set out to change things.


Generally speaking, our office is a place of collaboration, excitement, and serious attention to detail. We expect that each licensee will contribute to our culture by bettering themselves and those around them.


 Our office is a collaborative environment open to all team members across several companies owned by our parent company. We encourage cross-company dialogue to encourage idea generation for future business models/revenue streams. in a nutshell, the office advisors in the residential team like to collaborate. We only do this on marketing ideas and future endeavors together. So if you’re looking for a fun and interesting way to build your business try talking to one of the other teams and see what they’re doing successfully.


What we hold you to

 The Office Advisors license is held to the Professional Standards set by the National Association of Realtors in the realtor code of ethics. if you have questions about if something is right or wrong you can ask one of us Brokers or Partners. Also from your license requirements, you should have taken a code of ethics class. This class should lay the guy line in order on how to behave in a professional manner. If you have to question yourself or the transaction it is probably not a great idea to proceed.


The guide to being an independent contractor at a company.

 Remember that technically you are not an employee of the organization. As a licensee holder your independent contractor. There are important things to remember when holding this status as a business owner and operator. Therefore, we ensure that you understand your relationship with the company as well as your responsibilities.


 Employee classification

 licensee is an independent contractor and therefore does not have an employee-employer relationship with the office advisors. For tax purposes license e will receive their IRS form 1099 in January of each calendar year. The Office Advisors do not withhold taxes or social security for independent contractor compensation.


 Payment of taxes and Social Security contributions are our licensee’s responsibilities. We advise all licensees to retain a competent CPA and business advisor.


Work terms and conditions

 licensee work for the office advisors on a contract basis. This contract is Guided by the rules and regulations of the Georgia real estate commission. The independent contractor agreement may be terminated at will by either party. See termination for more information about parting ways. Furthermore, the office will provide tools and Technology to use at any physical or virtual location of the offset visor. The cost for any technology will be absorbed into any monthly or annual dues that are assessed to our licensees as part of their membership with t o when applicable. The Office Advisors do serve the right to set training requirements, minimum standards of service for clients, and minimum requirements for conducting business under its brand.


 Service rate establishment

 this cousin to about your commission. It’s what you charge when performing your Real Estate Services on a client basis. Our established commission rate is 6% of the sales price. Established a rate for rentals is one month’s rent for tenant procurement + 4% of the gross lease amount. This rate is adjustable at the discretion of The Office Advisors management based on the specific transaction and how much work is required.


 However, you must remember that Federal antitrust law prohibits the discussion of commission rates with outside parties. Discussing our commission rate with anyone except the client or broker in any place outside the four walls of the office will be many grams for termination. The only people with that we may discuss commission rates with our potential clients when negotiating agency relationships and our broker. No one else.


 Contact us

 So if you’re wanting to change are you work check this out. The Office Advisors is a different type of commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. We have the back of each one of our agents and Brokers. Furthermore, we want them to attain the highest level of achievement and everything they do. Therefore it only makes good business sense if we work with motivated individuals. Contact us on one of the landing pages on our website.


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