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 How do you get a property sold or leased?

Generally, the public will reach out to a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta in order to handle the marketing of the property. This can be done in an efficient manner. However, traditionally this is not the case. The old ways of marketing a property whether you were trying to sell the asset or lease it up are slow. That is not the case when you work with The Office Advisors. We do things quickly and efficiently. As well as utilizing tools that are competitors refused to. So instead of wasting your time searching around the world wide web and visit our website today.


 Furthermore, trying to Market your property on your own can be frustrating. Especially when trying to field phone calls from a lot of uninterested individuals. If you’re trying to lease a retail Center for example you will get many calls. This is from looky-loos and people are just curious about what it cost to rent the space. However, they are generally individuals with no real business plan or go. 


How to accomplish the marketing strategy for the real estate

But the office advisors take the burdensome task off your shoulders. We are commercial real estate efficiency, experts. Therefore, it only makes good business sense for you to hire a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta like us. We will officially Market your space for sale or for lease. Unlike the competition, we care about you the individual. As well as what happens with your real estate. Therefore, instead of trying to do everything on your own why don’t you hand it over to the professionals.


 Moreover, it takes a marketing strategy and plan in order to get your property out in front properly. Therefore, The Office Advisors have a plan for each individual property. We make sure that it gets in front of the right eyes and as many eyes as possible. Or exposure will get it International line of sight. Therefore, if companies or investors are out of the country as well as naturally, we are able to Market to them. Trust The Office Advisors to get your property sold or leased right. We will beat any competitor’s listing price.


Our differentiating marketing techniques

Now, traditionally a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta would do a few things for your property. Especially if you were trying to lease it or sell it. Maybe both. What they would do is a very slow and old marketing technique. They would contact the sign company and then have them place it out on the property. After that, the commercial real estate broker in Atlanta might make a few phone calls to his network of potential tenants or buyers.


After the advent of the internet, things picked up a little bit for the commercial real estate sector. However, not every commercial real estate broker in Atlanta utilizes this tool properly. When you work with the office advisors you will see that we are online marketing experts. Unlike her competition who uses an old photo and just puts it on a website. We re Target in Market to a vast audience.


 Furthermore, professional photography is always a must for us. As well as virtual tours that allow people to see the space in real-time. This can cut down on the ins and outs Bebeof a location and disturb current tenants as well as save time in decision-making. The office advisors are not your typical commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. We are the efficiency experts. So it only makes good business sense to Market with us.


 If you don’t believe us we suggest you check out our Google reviews. All of these are verified by our customers and clients just like you. They typically have a stellar experience working with us.  Unlike our competition, things are different when you were here.


Some of the current properties we have marketed

This first location is a small office located in Roswell Georgia. It is right off of Grimes Bridge Road located in a small Office Park. This is perfect for a small professional and has very little space. However, it is beautifully renovated and has a flat rent that covers all the expenses. So if you’re a small-time professional or a group of professionals looking to lease inexpensive office space. This might be the perfect location for you. All you have to do is go straight to LoopNet or co-star and search it. You can type in 1180 Grimes Bridge Road, Roswell, Georgia 30075. On the website is all the information. You can contact Neda Gayle if you would like to set up a tour or learn more about the property. Neda is the agent on the property and it is her listing. She is under a licensed commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. That is The Office Advisors.


Secondly, is a small retail sublease available? This is presented by hour partner Reid Moore.  This is a great location in Marietta Georgia is perfect for a small retail business. Previously it was a painting and art studio where parties and friends would gather. Unfortunately, the pandemic set this out for an unsuccessful venture.


The space measures 1400 square feet and is a straight rectangle. Currently asking $23.50 per square foot. As well as CAM, taxes, and insurance. This great location was previously built out and cannot accommodate a variety of uses. The current tenants who have vacated the space like this off their hands and books as quickly as possible. So if you’re interested you should reach out to the licensed commercial real estate broker in Atlanta on this property. He is standing by in order to assist you.


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 After reading all about us you should realize that it is in your best interest to work with us. The office advisors stand out from more competition for a variety of reasons. However, no one markets like us when it comes to selling or leasing your property. Therefore, it only makes good business sense to work with our company.  so do you have any questions? I’m sure you do. The best thing would be to hop on the line and go straight to our website. On here you can find a form where if you fill it out and submit one of our licensed commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta will reach out to you. We want to make sure you’re paired with the correct agent in order to assist you and accomplish your real estate goals.


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