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 Starting off this morning things went a little slow. However, it’s okay since it’s President’s Day. Unlike most commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta, I am working today. Even though the office is closed The Office Advisors have an agent in the house. If you want to be successful this is how we do it. Taking no days off and constantly striving to do excellent service for our customers. Even in the face of a hangover. Fortunately, you can rest assured that you have the right commercial real estate broker Atlanta on your side. You don’t believe us all you have to do is visit our website today.  So if you want to list your property for sale the best commercial real estate broker in Atlanta can go with us. I will go over what an exclusive listing agreement looks like.


Beginning with what is an exclusive listing agreement. This is a contract stating a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta will advertise your property. The property before a lease or for sale. Sometimes it is even better. Fortunately, The Office Advisors have the best marketing team in the Southeast. We Stand by our listings. 


 furthermore, our marketing has 3 differentiating factors that will blow you away. Starting off as geek marketing. Then we have transparency, unlike our competition. Unlike most commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta, we strive to do excellence for our customers.  the third thing that sets us apart from our competition is we work as a team. This can be the fact that we have a group of commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta and in-house that work together in order to get the job done. Also means that we work with you the client to get the job done on your terms. Last Lee it means we work with the other side. Make sure that there is open communication to achieve your goals. There are typically two sides to each transaction and we work with them in a non-combative manner.


What is involved in a Listing?

 Now, let’s go through an exclusive listing agreement and kind of what it looks like. At the top of the page State the party’s meeting the owner or company of a property as well as the broker. This can be any broker in Atlanta. However, we hope you choose The Office Advisors. Especially since we are the best commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. After that start going through the details. 


 following directly after the stated means of this contract is the described terms. It’ll and no sorts are quick and confusing. Whereas, the owner desires to lease real property situated in a blank County in Georgia. Then it says a link 4 As more particularly described in exhibit an attached hereto and reference Incorporated herein, including all buildings and improvements they are on all fixtures in apertures all the foregoing being collectively referred to here and as the property.


Having a Licences 

 Secondly, it describes as  commercial real estate broker in Atlanta on we are licensed as well as witch board we remember now. Here are The Office Advisors we are members of the Atlanta Commercial Board of Realtors. Where are the owner desires to engage the services of a broker to solicit prospective tenants to lease the property and the broker desires to assist the owner in that connection upon the provisions and conditions of the terms contained hereafter? Now, therefore, for the consideration of the premises set forth herein as other good and valuable consideration the receipt of insufficiency of which are hereby acknowledge the parties hereto agrees as follows.


 Now, we’re just through the beginning and getting on to the actual terms of the exclusive listing agreement. Not all commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta use this form. However, the majority of them do. Section 1 it’s called the appointment of the broker. Of course, this goes without saying that the reason for this entire contract is for the appointment of a broker. Especially 1 that is a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. This just is talking about the fact that the owners hiring us to do the job of advertising the property for lease or for sale.


Having faith we will not disclose

 The second section is the Brokers policy on confidentiality and its disclosure. Going into the fact that we will not disclose any confidential information. The first little section in this point talks about a broker’s agency policy is to represent landlord-tenant sellers, purchasers, in the same transaction with disclose dual agency when both the client’s consent in writing in the landlord and tenants in the same transaction with disclose dual agency with both the client can send in writing. The broker also offers a designated agency by signing a broker or salesperson representing solely each client to the exclusion of all other clients in the same transaction and to the exclusion of all other salespeople affiliated with a broker.


Third, goes over the least terms that the owner wants to advertise the property at. This can be the term of the lease the rental amount as well as other offerings or things left up for negotiation. Having a good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta on your side can save you money and make you tons as well.



A great example of this is one year listing from data signatures for Force bases within the property, totaling square footage agreed upon by the owner prior to execution of prospective tenants’ lease agreements. then I talked about the listing term as well as commissions.  The fifth portion how about end exclusive listing agreement is about commissions. This is always negotiable as well. And it is actually legal to have an industry standard at this point in time. The Office Advisors will be anybody’s listed commission price. So no matter who you want to go with we are the right ones for you. Choose The Office Advisors as your commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. We will be the best and charge you the least.


  furthermore, there are many things that are negotiable within a new listing agreement. Some of them are about termination as well as the Brokers Authority. The Brokers Authority is what the owners allow I guess to do. Putting signs out advertising online and other such things. In order to bring a tenant or purchaser to the property.


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