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 Now, if you’ve never worked with a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta to source land before it is okay. Fortunately for you, The Office Advisors has a team of professionals that can not only find off Market on Market properties that suits your needs. Therefore, it just makes good business sense to work with a professional and I can do this. When it comes to land there many different variables that happen. It is important to have someone who understands your needs as well as your goals.

If you have worked with a professional in the past check this out but know that we are different. That is why we focus on service for customers as well as getting the job done quickly and efficiently. All you have to do is visit our website today to begin the journey. Go to  from here you can fill out a form for us to reach you in the best possible manner. We want to contact you on your terms and time.

When working with a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta is important to make sure that they understand your needs. Not just throwing random properties at you in the hopes that something was taken under a new contract. There are many different nuances when purchasing land, especially for development. When working with the offset by as you understand that we take the time to evaluate your goals. Not only what you think is necessary, but we also take an understanding and deep dive into the overall aspects. Development has many moving parts and some experienced developers, as well as experienced developers, have blind sizes. That is why is important to build a team that surrounds you in order to achieve your goal. We are here to just do that for you.


 What is the current market for vacant land?

 Kirtland Georgia trying to purchase land is difficult. Especially if it is in any type of growing Emerging Market. Even some of the tertiary areas have become increasingly difficult to deal with. That is why is important to have a team that surrounds you that can get the job done. When working with The Office Advisors you will quickly see that we have an understanding as well as a drive.

The commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta on our team are focused on you as well as your outcome. Making sure that we don’t go into any deal or under contract on a piece of property that is not feasible for your use. Unfortunately, currently, there is a lot of County and City governments that are opposed to development. Therefore it is important to have someone by your side who can speak eloquently as well as present your development deal to them. Make sure it hits all the pain points they are trying to avoid or accomplish.

Local authorities do not like multifamily

 Governments have become increasingly hostile towards multi-family as well as residential rental developments. The hostility comes from a few different areas and is hard to pin down on one. Some of them may be hostile to multifamily due to the fact that it brings in renters and does not have as many home buyers. Which is not increase the tax base technically but increases the population. The extra strain on infrastructure has become an issue for many of these emerging markets in Georgia state. Some of them include Paulding as well as Cherokee County. These Counties have been growing for the past decade. However, the infrastructure has not been able to keep up.


 Infrastructure issues

 now when talking to Atlanta commercial real estate brokers is important to understand that they may focus on only one aspect. That aspect may be leasing. So when dealing with land for your benefit it is important to make sure you have a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta that understands the ins and outs of development. That is why many companies and developers trust The Office Advisors.

We have teams of professionals that are willing to go the extra mile in order to make sure your project gets seen through. Not just going under contract on a property but showing up to zoning meetings as well as fighting for you your development as well. Being able to present to County officials or city officials about the infrastructure issues in the burdens that they may have is what is important. So do not go with just any firm in the Metro Atlanta area. Higher the right one for your needs. So many of our clients and customers have come from us from competing firms. The Office Advisors stands out because we are willing to assist our team and clients.

Large amounts of increasing population

 Unfortunately, the massive growth of puts trains in cities. What the major strain has been beside roadways is the water and sewer treatment. With the increase of development in new individuals in the area moving ending drugs. The sewer and water structures that have been in place for decades are not able to keep up with the demand that is constantly Rising. With this demand, cities are putting the Slow down or stop to new developments. What they are trying to do is see how much strain an increase of individuals are putting on the  City and County Water Systems.

 With such a high increase at a rapid rate, the 10-year plans are put in place years ago have been completely Nolan void. Now, these municipalities are rushing to increase capacity as well as plan out future development. With more time to put in place a new development in order for them to figure this out, it has stifled growth. However, the demand has steadily increased for these areas. So he created a market of high demand and low inventory for buyers. The same goes for the rental population as well.

Trying to find new homes and home sites for individuals has been an increasing burden on not only residential real estate agents but commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta as well. We are working diligently with developers and builders in order to find opportunities that are not inflated. As well as working with cities and counties in order to obtain the goals from both parties’ viewpoints. Having The Office Advisors on your side will allow developers and Builders alike to be put in a better position when going after land.


Being friends with the government

 moreover, it is imperative to have someone who can talk to government officials on their level. Unfortunately, people who were typically government enjoyed their sense of power. How little or how powerful it actually may be. Therefore, The Office Advisors will go to bat for you in order to make sure you get the correct zoning approval as well as plan approval. We want to make sure that you as a developer or buyer understand what the government is trying to achieve as well as present your plan to them in a great manner. Having the right commercial real estate broker in Atlanta can stop this.

 Meaning of the smaller municipalities in the government are wanting growth however the old people there are fighting it. They think that anyone will build a half-million-dollar plus house and they’re a small town. Even though they have nothing to offer when it comes to Grocers shopping retail or other typical aspects people expect. So it’s important to have The Office Advisors on your team and who are commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta by your side.


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 he also buys to make it as simple as possible for you to reach us. That is why all you have to do is visit our website and fill out a form. One of our commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta will reach out in a timely manner to assist you. Do not hesitate but begin your real estate journey today.


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