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An Indistbutable Difference 

 The Office Advisors stands out from our competitors for a variety of reasons. A different type of commercial real estate broker is located in Atlanta. Always trying to do different things but standing out in the best way. We are better than our competition for a multitude of reasons. We actually care about her clientele and treat them as if they were one of our own as well as if it’s an investor do not spend one of their dollars. Making sure you have a commercial real estate broker on your side is what can save you or break you. Trinh’s actions can be difficult and tiresome. Therefore it is important to have someone you trust on your side. Visit The Office Advisors website today to order more.


 Now if you’ve never worked with a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta before that is okay. However, many of you have a new experience that might not be the best. Traditionally our industry has not had the best reputation. Especially in the Atlanta area. Many of this is still done through networking as well as backdoor deals in the past. There are books and movies made about the commercial real estate market here. So if you want a change of pace and someone who’s trustworthy check us out. If you don’t believe us you can also check out our Google reviews. All these reviews are from customers and clients that we have worked with.


 What makes us different

 Standing out from the crowd it’s not that hard when it comes to being a brokerage. Especially if it is a commercial real estate broker located in Atlanta. The Office Advisors and our team of Agents do this on a daily basis. We typically stand out through marketing as well as service.


 Communication is a key factor. Many Brokers do not communicate effectively or often. Therefore, we are able to do this and are to be alike out. It’s not hard to be the best when the bar is so low for an industry. Many have trusted The Office Advisors to purchase sell or lease their assets. As well as find the next home for their business. 


We do leasing as well as investment dispositions. We will communicate through the entire process and transaction with you. Whether it is the initial assessment of needs or the closing day. The Office Advisors has the right commercial real estate broker in Atlanta for you. We will not leave you hanging and make sure that you understand the entire transaction from start to finish.


 Furthermore, we work as a team here. Meaning that if you have a need the team communicates to see if anyone else either has that or knows of a property that works for you. This helps get the job done internally and efficiently. We work together with you as well to achieve your real estate goals. So we have to communicate effectively in order to do this. Make yourselves available for you the client whenever we must. Do not work with just your traditional commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. Most of the time from Thursday on you won’t be able to read something maybe Monday afternoon. Typically there on the golf course or out of the bar.


Boring and slow marketing

 marketing has to be fast flashy and get the message across. However, this is not the typical way a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta markets. They will put a sign out front and maybe use Co-stars’ old photos online. However, this is not the case when you work with The Office Advisors. We will do professional photography on all of our listings. It does not matter if it is a small sublease or a little office building for sale. Whether your property is worth a billion dollars or a few hundred thousand we put all of our marketing efforts behind it.


 The goal is to have your property stand out from the competition. Therefore, why not have the smartest and best on your side. The Office Advisors do things differently than our competition not just by our signage and photos. We also do something we called geek marketing. We do this better than the competition because they are typically not doing it at all.


 What is geek marketing you ask? Well, let’s start off with SEO or search engine optimization. This means we keyword articles as well as listings on her website in order to have traffic driven there. So when someone is Googling for a property that they are looking for what type of property will pop up on their search engine. Driving traffic to our website as well. On top of that, we do virtual tours in order to have people be able to walk through it and real-time. That way they’re not wasting their time on going out and driving around just to not like space. This gives them a better feel and what we can do.


Furthermore, we put your property on the table. Now many people might not realize this but with your searching around LoopNet, there’s only about 20% of what’s available you are viewing. Especially if you were the general public and not paying for an account. However, Dirty Little Secret is not all commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta pay for your listening to be on Silver above. Meaning there is a paywall hiding your listing from non-licensed users. He also advises making sure your property is in front of this in order to get the most eyes on it and get the job done. Don’t work with a slow boring traditional firm. Contact the all surprised to learn more.


 Contact us

 we try to make it as simple as possible for you to reach us. All you have to do is go straight to our website to learn more. There is a form that you can fill out at your convenience and one of our advisers will reach out to you in a timely manner. There’s also the good old-fashioned telephone and you can call us or text to reach us. Do not hesitate and let this Market pass you by contact The Office Advisors for all of your commercial real estate needs.


 A good read

 we try to stay on top of topics around the world. Therefore, we pay attention to not only commercial real estate but other Industries as well. Since we work with companies of all shapes and sizes important to understand the economic factors that are affecting the world as well as locally. Check out this article if you have time in your busy schedule today


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 no matter what your real estate needs are one of our organizations is able to help you. From finding your dream home to finding your dream office The Office Advisors and our organizations were affiliated with our here now. We can build anything or find the right location for you. We disposed of assets as well as lease-up buildings. Contact us today for all of your commercial and residential real estate needs.