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 No matter where you’re from if you’re looking to do business in the United States the office advisers can help. We are not just your typical commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. The officers are a team of professionals has experience working with corporations as well as individual investors and dual investors from all across the globe. You can check out our website to learn more about how we can help you attain your goals. Doesn’t matter if you’re looking to invest or find a location for your business. We are the right commercial real estate broker in Atlanta for the job. 


Our history

 Furthermore, the founding of the overall umbrella company is female as well as International internationally rooted. The original founders of select realty of Georgia are half Japanese 1/2 American. So we have roots in International affairs as well as the Asian culture. With many staff members speaking multiple languages we are here to help.


Organizations that put their dollars in the United States real estate market

 And I’ll come with the office advisers has worked with investment funds from all over the world. Our commercial real estate broker in Atlanta has worked with Israeli fun multiple times as well as with individuals. As well as people from Mexico and other Asian countries as well as the United Kingdom.


Having this broad spectrum of European, 8 European, Asian and other and other continental experiences. You can trust that we are the right breakers for you. Each one of these groups and funds has different investing strategies and goals. Furthermore, this is why they trust the office advisers. We sit down with them to assess their needs and attain what it is they’re truly trying to accomplish. With their duty to their shareholders, it is important that we understand what they are trying to accomplish in order to get the right returns. With Atlanta being such a competitive market it is important to have someone who understands it.


Selections available

There are many choices for a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. However, the smart investment groups have chosen to work with us. There are a variety of reasons why. Some of them are our communication and others are technology prior to technology. Recently one chose to work with us because we were extremely communicative and willing to help. Now, if you know anything about real estate you might be a little confused as to why someone wouldn’t be willing to help.


Sales are all about your pipeline and individuals ready willing enabled. A client came to us that was ready willing and able and had a short time for him. This is why another broker did not want to work with him. This individual is from Brazil and has expanded his country to the United States market. Last year they expanded into Mexico. It’s a strong company that is valued at around 30 million-plus dollars each year.


Now, you might be asking yourself why would no one want to work with a company that is so strong financial and ready to perform. The office advisers asked are safe for sold that question. TheCompany partner that we are dealing with explained that other brokers did not want to work with him because he said he needed something too quickly. We don’t understand why someone would not do their daily job because someone needed it fast.


 Our founder and partner of the company read more and jumped on this opportunity quickly. Within 24 hours they had met each other at the office in order to break through some of the language barrier issues. We are issues. After sitting down with the client hour our commercial real estate broker in Atlanta was able to assess his needs and really drill down to what he was trying to accomplish period from there He went to work hammering the phones as well as sending out emails to brokers. Typically it takes a week or more to set up a tour for a property.


Good Standing within the Industry

Fortunately, The Office Advisors has a good name within our industry and community. Some of these brokers already were familiar with Reid and knew he doesn’t put up with BS and allowed him to go show the property tomorrow even if it did not fit with their schedule. They gave him lockbox codes and directions on how to show the situation at hand. This is what happens when you have a good reputation in the industry. Other individuals are willing to work with you so not only do clients and customers trust us industry peers do as well.


Not surprisingly so the client wasn’t late. They are setting out the following morning early in order to accomplish as much as they can in the short timeline the Brazilian client has. This client from Brazil also has to fly out and within 24 hours to his next location in the United States. The service you get from The Office Advisors is unparalleled. After the connection was made Mr. Gusto Milano was extremely elated to have found The Office Advisors. Find out why more companies and investors are choosing to work with us. With the aspirin, we stand out from the competition and other commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta.


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Located on The Office Advisors website is a form that you can fill out on how to reach us. This will immediately send to one of our agents and they will reach out to you in a timely manner. Virginia commercial real estate journey today and we can help you achieve your goals and needs.


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 The Office Advisors are associated with a litany of real estate organizations. We are part of a member of the company and work hard to help anybody in every real estate fast. So if you’re looking to purchase your dream home or move your business to a new location check out one of us today.