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Unpredictability in Cost

 These trying times that we’re dealing with cause a lot of uncertainty. However, having a trusted commercial real estate broker in Atlanta on your side through inflation can save you money. Especially if you were an investor. It doesn’t matter if you were a large or small amount of capital. He also visors is here to help. With expertise through trying times. the firms that withstand uncertainty are the ones you want to work with. Therefore it only makes good business sense to work with the office advisor. Our team of licensed commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta or here to advise you. We do not focus on every transaction the same. We focus on you the individual. See make it easy for you to find us. So spending your time searching the World Wide Web all you have to do is visit our website.


 Now, if you have never worked with a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta before that is okay. You might not have a negative connotation in your head. However, most individuals who have or understand the market have a love-hate relationship with our industry. That is because traditionally there have been some negative aspects. Books have been written about the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Broker. Therefore, A change is needed. The Office Advisors is that change and we are the driving force behind it.


 Furthermore, with the rise of inflation in the uncertainty of markets it is important to have someone on your side. A good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta will guide you through these times. Inflation has seen ups and downs over the past six weeks. However, a drop in the consumer pricing index does not necessarily mean inflation is over. Contrarily we think it is means the opposite.


   Rising and falling  trends

 over the past 365 days, mini buyers and consumers in the market have seen undo president inflation. Prices, as well as pressure, had driven up the cost of services as well as Goods. Therefore, this eroded the purchasing power of the consumer. Whether it is your traditional everyday Goods or aspects such as commercial real estate. Some experts claim their indicators that the inflation has hit a peak. However, these past 30 days are hardly an indicator. Especially since 1 month of data does not mean you can count on it.


 Recently, the Bureau of Labor Statistics Estimated that the CPI growth in April was .3 percent. However, comparatively the slowest Pace in August of 2021 and the previous month was a 1.2% growth. Furthermore, when you look at the core of the Consumer Price Index it is accelerated by .6 percent compared to the .3% in March. You have to understand though that this also excludes food as well as energy. Which we think is a major factor and does not show the full picture of what inflation has created.


 Eating an energy sources


 now even though the Consumer Price Index can tell a mixed story it is important to stay abreast of it. Any good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta I won’t understand that this is an indicator of what is to come as well as the current trends in the market. With food and energy being removed from a core Consumer Price Index you must understand what is actually happening. The reason they do this is that food and energy are typically a volatile Market. People say that it makes it a less reliable source for policymakers. Here at The Office Advisors, we do not agree. Individuals always need food and energy. Therefore, it only makes sense that these things are falsely inflated.


 If you paid attention to what recently happened Energy prices fell by 2.7% in April. However, they remain 30% higher than they were only 365 days ago. So if you are filling up your tank of gas you fill this extremely hard. Families and companies alike so some of the relief at the gas pump. However, over the past four years, we saw a major relief, and the recent hike and then fallback does not account for itself. In one-month gas prices fell by 6.1%. But the energy and natural gas rows by 1.3%. If you have shot at the grocery store you also saw that food increased dramatically.


 Tensed up frustration

 Some experts say this is pent-up demand due to covid. However, travel continues to increase higher prices in related categories. Transportations also dramatically highlight their prices. Some of them in the transportation services increased by over 3.1% in April alone. This was in no small part due to airline fares as well as oil prices. However, the airline’s model requires fares to be honored for a month in advance. Therefore airline companies must account for the volatility of the prices of fuel. With the war in Europe continuing In the US taxes have been able to profit on the crude oil prices. 2 more than $120 a barrel in just the first week of March this you’re alone. 


Travel and Leisure

 since most people were in lockdown mode for the past couple years there has been pent-up demand for travel as well as experience. Therefore, the return of travel has also increased prices higher for lodging away from your standard residence. The current travel index grew by 1.7% in April and is actually almost 20% higher than just a year ago. Summer of course on the horizon will most likely increase this further. Some experts are predicting they’ll be a 14% increase in 2022 alone. If you are in the travel industry hotels or any other asset class it’s important to have a good commercial real estate broker on your side. Therefore many have trusted The Office Advisors.


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  Last week, the only one who can help you is if you contact us. Therefore, at The Office Advisors, we make it as simple as possible for you to reach one of our licensed agents. We are not just your typical commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. However, we strive to do things better and more efficiently. Thus going to our website or the old-fashioned telephone is one way to reach us. We want you to be served. Therefore, having a good commercial real estate broker on your side is imperative to your success.


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