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Unlikely to locate property easily

Currently, it is nearly impossible to find what find industrial warehouse space. Especially if you’re a tenant rap working with a client. The climate for any commercial real estate broker in Atlanta has been difficult. On the tenant website. However, The Office Advisors are here to get the job done on your behalf. We will keep working and not give up until we find you the right space that is within your budget. In order to contact us to begin your journey all you have to do is go to our website to learn more. 


Furthermore, you will quickly see that we are unlike our competition. A traditional commercial real estate broker in Atlanta has a boring website and 0 reviews. You can check out our Google reviews as well we have over 45-star reviews and counting every week. The Office Advisors strive to do things differently. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the industrial sector retail or office. We have a team of representatives that will go to bat for you at every step of the negotiations.


The state of the Industrial Market

 Currently, industrial or warehouse leasing is this competition as a home market device at the sun melt market. It is an extremely high demand with a dwindling supply. Especially for existing 2nd Gen. Space. The officer is working with multiple companies looking for 3050 1000 ft² of warehouse space to lease. You think this could be a simple task and get done in a timely manner. However, that has not been the case. 


Many brokers are not updating the listing websites in order to reflect the true nature of the current space. Will it be currently released a month ago the information It’s typically wrong about the way it is listed and what is happening at the location? Understandably, this of course has created a headache and lots more work for it’s more work for our brokers.


Trying to find a good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta that is on top of their game is very hard to do. In the past because it is a slower-moving industry. However, it comes up with the high demand that they are currently facing it seems that they are working even slower on purpose.


Difficulty recently

Over the past few days, one of our partners and advisers read more and has been assisting and advising a multinational company out of Brazil. This company manufactures come on there are commercial cleaning solutions and is looking for warehouse space in the United States. They’re expanding to the United States after expanding to Mexico last year.


Having multiple tours lined up yesterday they witnessed all roughly 4 to 5 locations. After the tours, they identified 2 locations in order to get proposals or put out letters of intense. The office advisor’s commercial real estate broker Atlanta was able to speak to brokers as well as email them before and during the tours. He confirmed what they were looking for in order to put together some offerings.


After consulting with this client on how they wanted to go in on the deal he sent out a letter of intent and requested a proposal for the other space. A few moments after his moments after he heard back from butter space


Unfortunately, as discussed earlier these spaces were incorrect. Even though the brokers already confirmed they were available and we should go. After submitting offers and even talking to the brokers prior to the day, magically I’m a magically, they were now unavailable. This is creating frustration and headache for not only our client but any other chant representative in the Atlanta area. Trying to be a good commercial real estate broker and Atlanta that represents tenants in is Bay come extremely difficult at the moment.


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