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Trying to find a reputable tenant broker in Atlanta can be difficult. Especially if you are looking for someone who is a true commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. However, this does not have to be the case for you. Instead of wasting your time searching Around the World Wide Web go straight to your website. The Office Advisors stands out from the competition for a myriad of reasons. We know what’s happening on the industrial side and if your tenant looking to lease new space we can help. Visit our website today to begin your journey. www.theofficeadvisors.com


 Furthermore, in this trying market, it is important to have your expectations set up. So from your initial assessment, we will go through your needs as well as an understanding of what is happening. Unfortunately, this time you have to be fairly aggressive. Negotiations are tough on any of the industrial Flex basis. That is because the demand is through the roof. With Amanda’s hiding landlords are able to hold their ground and not give much up. Therefore, it only makes good business sense to have someone on your side. Check out why so many have trusted The Office Advisors We are the go-to choice for many companies. Doesn’t matter if they work with a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta in the past we are their new Workhorse.


 Industrial landscape

 of the past couple of years and decades, the industrial market has been rather flat. Meaning the rental rates was pretty much standard and the demand was fair. The attendants could bully the landlord into giving them what they wanted or required. However, things have changed. Since 2019 the increase in demand for warehouse and logistical space has skyrocketed. Creating a scramble in frenzy in the market.


 With such an increase in demand in the industrial space rental rates have increased. This is not just because of demand but with new ownership. Since the consumptive side had increased for industrial and flex space large firms bought in. Meaning investment groups and real estate funds from Wall Street started purchasing industrial space. When this happens the amount of capital that is put in is astronomical.


 New ownership means a good thing right?

 So when a large investment fund comes in in the end flux capital to a project a couple of things happen. They typically try to better the location. Something that was once a dilapidated eyesore and that most commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta didn’t even want to walk without a gun. Now is a clean and friendly environment. Even in those industries the new paint and nicer office locations have stood out.


 What other ship comes in and puts an influx of capital they have to return their money. This is because they have a duty to their investors and I’ve created value in a once struggling asset. What’s the industrial space has a new commercial real estate broker in Atlanta representing it the number one thing is to raise the rates. Since this is an investment and money has Didn’t put to work the return has to be made. One way of doing this is increasing the rental rates from where they previously were. Whether you go up and rent on the current tenants or offer some improvement allowance to new ones. Whatever this strategy may be things are typically working in the landlord’s favor.


 What do current tenants do?

 when you under ship comes in they are notified and generally speaking their rates will be going up in the next year. A landlord is doing this in order to force out tenants who do not want to be there or can afford the right. From there they are able to get in new ready willing and able tenants. Since the increase in price has gone from 8 to $11 per square foot to well over 14 to even $25 a square foot in some places. This has pushed out mini smaller tenants and less profitable type businesses.


 If you were one of these small to medium-sized tenants or even a large one and you were pushed out by your landlord give us a call. The Office Advisors is standing by in order to negotiate and find you your following location. Whether you were trying to renegotiate on a sublease or find a new home. Any commercial real estate broker working their salt in Atlanta can find you the right location. However, your expectations must be real, and understanding the landscape is important. Don’t work with just any commercial real estate broker in Atlanta work with the best.


 How are we able to do this?

 Now, even though most properties have had a capital increase or are new construction. Both of these mean that the rates are no longer where they were in the past. This puts many of our clients in a bad situation. Especially if they are striking out to find a new location. Well, the reality is prices are going to be higher than expected. We are still able to find our clients the right location at a good price due to our relationships. Having a good reputation in our industry has created many opportunities. Recently we helped a company whose being forced out by their landlord locate negotiate and ultimately move in within a matter of weeks to their next spot.


 Do not be stranded at the last moment looking for a space. There’s no time like now to act. Unfortunately, it is hard to find industrial Flex warehouse space quickly. Even though things are coming on the market and being gone fast. A competitive Advantage is getting all of your ducks in a line first. Therefore, it only makes good business sense for an owner to go with you if you are able to present everything in a timely manner. Work with The Office Advisors. See why so many have chosen to hire us as their commercial real estate broker in Atlanta.


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 on our website, we try to make it as simple as possible for you to reach him. That is why we have a Litany of options for you to reach us. Unlike our competition, our website is easy and friendly to use. Fill out one of our forms on the main page and the licensed commercial real estate broker in Atlanta will reach out to you. We are able to assist all companies no matter what size or industry they are in. It only makes good business sense for you to have representation. Let The Office Advisors take the burdensome tax of finding real estate off your shoulder. We will represent you as your commercial real estate broker in Atlanta.

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