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 now, if you have never worked with a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta that is okay. Here The Office Advisors are here to assist you in taking your ideas into business reality. Unfortunately, the competition does not spend enough time with their clients. Here at the office advisors, we do the exact opposite. From the onset of your initial conversation assessment, we ensure that you were set up for success. Trying to find the right location for your company’s vision is more crucial than most think. There are also many more steps involved. Must have general public does not realize how intrusive leasing a spacer business can be.


 That is why The Office Advisors stands out. Unlike another commercial real estate broker in Atlanta we are here to serve you. Don’t waste your time searching around the world wide web for a competitor. When all you have to do is visit our website today. You can read our Google reviews from customers and clients like you. The Office Advisors help startups, as well as existing companies, locate and negotiate their space. We take the time to make sure you’re set up for success from the get-go.


Taking your entrepreneurial ideas into a physical space

 Have you ever dreamed of being a business owner? I’m sure you have like many other people in the general Workforce. However, being entrepreneurial is one thing. Having a successful business ever is another. Commercial real estate is generally your most expensive balance sheet item. This is either one or two next to payroll. Therefore, it is important to have a commercial real estate broker on your side that can not only save you money but look out for your real estate needs in the long run. If you were like many of our clients you daydreamed about running your own store or business. This typically includes the touch feel as well as the location of the company.


 The physical interaction with your commercial real estate is very important. However, you must understand that a landlord is in the business of running the people. Therefore, the vetting process is much more intrusive than many belief. An owner would like to make sure you are going to be set up for success. Having a successful business means being able to pay your rent on time and the agreed-upon amount.


 The office advisors will sit down with you and give you a template in order to get your ideas not only and paper, but a visual representation as well. We offer free templates for a pitch deck as well as a business plan. Our skilled commercial real estate broker in Atlanta will guide you through the ins and outs of this process.


Why is a lookbook or pitch deck  Important?

Starting off you must understand that you have to sell your business. The concept must fit with the current mix of the building or shopping center. Is best to visualize this representation for a retail-type start-up. A landlord wants to make sure you were going to fit with the current feel of the center as well as have a plan to be profitable.  Paying rent is important to the landlord so they want to understand you have a plan and a viable idea.

When trying to lease space the goal is to sell your business concept to the landlord where ownership is. They want to make sure you have a viable business with the plan to succeed not just in the short term. A business plan is always a good idea as well, but a lookbook puts a visual representation of your dreams into reality.


 Selling yourself and your idea will be important. That is why many have trusted the office advisors for their guidance. We here advise our clients from the initial assessment throughout the entire transactional process. Our experts will create a team around you that will ensure you are comfortable and successful.


Long run view

 furthermore, if you choose to hire The Office Advisors as your commercial real estate broker in Atlanta, we look out for you. Having a long-term mindset will help ensure you and your lease are in your favor. Many landlords are other commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta try to maximize the current situation. However, when you work with us we want to ensure that you were not taken advantage of.


 Some of these include favorable lease terms on length of commitment. Your dream may be to open a business so you want to dive fully into it & a long-term lease. However, this may not be smart, especially for a startup scenario.


You are legally on the hook no matter what happens

 Furthermore, it is important to understand that a lease is a binding contract. Meaning that whoever the guarantor company or individual will be responsible for the lease. This is even if a company fails. A terrible scenario would be you have a start-up business that signs the lease for 5 years or longer. Then within the first year, you have to shut down due to unforeseen hurdles.


 Unfortunately, you were still on the hook for that rent. The landlord will look to you to pay in the bulk of the remainder of the value of the entire lease. However, this is not always the case when you have good representation. The Office Advisor stands by your side to make sure you get favorable terms and you will not be screwed in the long run.


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If you want to learn more about how we can help you then you need to reach out to us today. We have many stories and examples of how to set you up for success. We want your business to thrive in the Atlanta area. Remember when you’re not just your typical commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. We are efficiency and customer service experts.


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 Try to make it as simple as possible for you to reach this is what we do. Whether you visit our website and fill out the form on a page. One of our commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta will reach out to you in a timely manner. Unlike our competition, we do things differently and quickly. Therefore, work with a better type of commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. Choose to have the office advisors represent you for your success.

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