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Now if you’ve never worked with a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta that is okay. The Office Advisors are here to assist you throughout all of your real estate transactions. Whether you are a large Investment Group or a small business startup. We can assist with whatever your Deeds are. Do not waste your time on the world wide web. You can utilize Google, being DuckDuckGo, or whatever it may be. However, you’ll quickly see that the office adviser stands out from the competition. That is because we go above and beyond for clients. customers and clients choose based on our performance. We are responsive and quick to act. Helping a customer is what we strive to do the best. To get in contact with us, you must visit our website today.


 Furthermore, most individuals in today’s society text out a review. They do this before purchasing a service or good. So here at The Office Advisors, we put ourselves out there. Our internet presence is vital to Our Success. However, our competition doesn’t seem to think so. They have just gotten on the bandwagon of creating a social presence on the interwebs. The Office Advisors have all of our customers or clients try to give us a review. So if you want to learn more about how we help companies or investors check out our Google reviews. We do it on Google just because that is the most utilized search engine platform out there.


 Furthermore, we believe that telling stories about how our commercial real estate broker in Atlanta is helping other people is essential. It is important because you as a consumer need to know how things get done especially if you are new to leasing or purchasing a commercial real estate asset.


An anecdote about a recent client transaction

 Recently, our founder Reid Moore assisted a pest control company. This pest control company tried it to locate commercial real estate space on their own? Initially, they thought they would be able to do this solely but quickly found out that was not the case. Unfortunately, our industry is known for not returning phone calls or inquiries on vacant spaces. This is the case only when you are an unrepresented individual.


 Now, you might be asking yourself why? This is because there is an absorbent amount of people and companies who are not financially set up to acquire the space. Most landlord Brokers like working with a tenant representative on the other side. This shows that there is some type of business that is ready willing and able to take the space.


 The client

  In this particular situation, the client was Procare Pest Solutions. Berry franchised pest remediation company. The Office Advisors were contacted by one of their managers. He did not have a deciding factor in the case. However, Since ownership was out on vacation he was the best contact to have at the moment. Especially since he already knew what their requirements were and were able to drop everything and go on tours.


Initially, the conversation was a little strange at first. This individual has never had to deal with real estate other than renting an apartment. Therefore, the lingo was a hurdle to get over. However, when you work with The Office Advisors things are different. Each commercial real estate broker in Atlanta will take care of you. We take the time in order to explain even the most minor of details.


 Furthermore, we were able to hit it off socially as well. Always trying to level with a client or customer is what we do best. A good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta will take the time to understand the client and not just see them as a transaction. That is why we Thrive and others are seen as a hindrance.


 The location was identified

 after touring a few spaces we found the right spot for Procare Pest Solutions’ new home. Even though this was slightly over budget it checked all the other boxes on their list. Meaning it was the right location in size and layout. Therefore, it was a quick decision by the ownership to make a move on the space.


 Unfortunately, this type of space which is a flex space is in high demand. It is only gone higher in demand recently and has created a nonnegotiating factor for  Tenants. what is this mean for me? Well, I’m short term which means that they can lease the space out to whoever they like on their terms. They mean the ownership or landlord.



 however, when you work with a good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta you were still able to get something from a deal. That is what happened to a client when working with the office advisers. We were able to negotiate the terms and the favorable factor. Not only getting some build-out cost but paint and a discount on the rent as well. Explaining the entire situation to our clients is what makes us stand out. Our competition may be a good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. However, The Office Advisors are the best!


 Was the client happy?

 We like to think that we executed to the best of our ability. That is why a client left us such a five-star review. Here is what he said directly from the review. “Reid represented us as we had a difficult hunt for a commercial flex space. After helping us find one he was able to answer questions about the contract and help do some digging to understand some of the extra expenses beyond what the stated rent would be for this particular space. He helped negotiate pricing and paint and other minor modifications to the space to make it fit our needs.”


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 here at The Office Advisors, we tried to make it as simple as possible for you to reach us. That is why on our website we have forms as well as the good old-fashioned telephone. Once you fill out a form and it goes directly to our leadership. From there they will assign a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta that can assist you with your names. Don’t waste your time beginning your real estate journey today. Visit start

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