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When arising in the morning

Now when you wake up early and head to work earlier than most you see many things on the road. Today it is an extremely foggy day and I have never had to deal with fog quite like this before my entire lifeThe fog was so thick around my neighborhood I was having to go at a snail’s pace. However, it seems that not all of Atlanta is in the same state. I just pushed out only a few miles down the road. While driving down the road it has been clear and I have to focus on my day. Fortunately, trying to be a good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta means you’re constantly working. I must create a pipeline every single day and talk to new people about what I do daily. Real estate and putting things together are fun. That’s why we do what we do. We are passionate and focused individuals.


Scouting for options to make money

Part of my job is driving around and fighting opportunities perm opportunities. There are a few ways to do it. Sometimes your imagination gives the best of you you think of about the possibilities if you were a developer and have the money. One of my favorites is using vacant land or dilapidated buildings. My imagination can run wild with the amount of useless for the property.


Especially, in the metro Atlanta area, we have many rural towns and does lots of vacant lands. So it’s fun to imagine what you can do with the property. One of them I always like to see an old farmhouse and how I can turn that into an entire event space or restaurant. This restaurant would have live music of course as well as very good food. It would be a destination location. Not just a quick bite to eat on your way home. Want to stick with the world filled with the area.


Most likely I would never be able to accomplish something like this but it’s fun to drain. Or it’s not the best use of my time or finances. Not just that I wouldn’t be able to do it. Work.. Many times in order to be a good commercial real estate record in Atlanta you must have an imagination. That is my favorite part of the job. Looking at deals and properties in order to get something done takes a time period, however, comes with marketing the property as well as put putting negotiations together. Sometimes you have to be creative in order for all parties to be happy and get what they want out of it.


Work with someone as a team

Partnerships are a big part of this in commercial real estate. Many times a buyer will come to a seller of a building or land and they cannot agree upon the price. However, these highest investors might be something that both agree upon. This is typically when it’s a vacant building or a piece of land.


The current owner of the property is sometimes able to put the land or building into the deal. On the lending side, this is seen as equity put in period therefore they might form a partnership because it’s the highest ambassador’s is. And it will be less out of pocket forCurrent buyer. The great thing about being in this industry is you get to be a creative and creative partner.


Currently, I’m sitting in a traffic light off the highway. Is that a bit dizzy intersection and I’m all I can do is look at buildings and think what I would do if I owned them. Or what a good use in a vacant tenant space would be. Just sitting here the light you see how many different jobs and industries interact with commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta. And most don’t even know about it. There is a Dollar General truck waiting to deliver. Well, they’re delivering to a recommended store of course. This location is most likely not even owned by Dollar General. Did you know that


Did you know these companies lease?

Most franchises do not own their real estate. A property owner might own the land in the building. And the company just leases from the pit this can be anything from advanced auto parts to Krispy Kreme donuts. It’s the same it is a very popular way of doing business and owning commercial real estate.


This type of ownership is called net ownership. You’re typically responsible for very little or nothing at all on the building as the owner. That’s right it is the truest thing about mailbox money. As the owner, all you do is sit back and collect the check for owning the property. It’s a great thing to do but generally takes a lot of capital fUp front to purchase the building. Since trouble and that is much less grass they are typically more expensive. I have seen on my trip today a minimum of 5 locations that are under construction prior to construction. It is wild to see how much construction is going on even when prices are so expensive.

Yes of course it’s not just homes or multi-family being built that I’m talking about. There is a lot of new construction or remodeling of current businesses and vacantly I’m going on. It’s wild to see how many opportunities are out there. If you were thinking about purchasing or selling your property contact the office advisers today. We will pair you with the right commercial real estate broker in Atlanta for your needs. No matter if you have a larger small building we have a team here for you.


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