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Beginning the day

Starting off my day was a little bit weird today. However, it’s hopefully gonna get better. Now the listing appointment for one of our new agents. Trying to become a commercial real estate broker and Atlanta’s difficult. However, at The Office Advisors, we try to put our people on deals so they can learn quickly. That is why John is coming with me to this appointment. We have an individual who is interested in purchasing a vacant shop owned by Bank of America. Furthermore, he is wanting to purchase gas station locations. Whether it be a piece of vacant property or an exam is an existing location. However, currently, the prices of gas stations are throwing the roof. Just as everything else is due to inflation and the terrible Biden administration. If you want to make good investments and you should talk to whatever commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta. Our team is knowledgeable and well-rounded.


Number one thing on the schedule

 The 1st thing on my agenda today is 2 meetings. That is when I get to the office I have 2 back-to-back meetings pin Ben then hopefully John will join me. Trying to be a great commercial real estate broker and Atlanta is difficult. We’re typically having to juggle and Work on many deals at once. Keeping a good pipeline is what’s gonna get you paid. Especially when there are many deals that do not happen after months and months of work. 


A great example of this is a multi-family complex that I had for sale last year. We worked on this project for 9 months with the buyer all to find out that the government would not let us purchase that period the government would not let us purchase the property due to the fact that the goal was to take it out of the program. Is the USB a rural authority program if that’s just like Hud housing. Meaning that is a government-subsidized rental program. However, unlike hunt and it’s done out of the country.


Investors of certain types like this type of property. Even though it comes with headaches when government regulations the rent is generally guaranteed. So you can say it’s a safe bet that your rent will come in period furthermore, there’s always a stream of tennis looking for governments assistance. Especially when it comes to housing. This can create some safety and guaranteed income and most individuals like safety and guaranteed income. Don’t you?


driving in the metro Atlanta area

Dial, being a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta means you have to drive a lot. Right now I’m on the road and I generally spend a couple of hours each day driving around. Therefore, it is important not only to have good insurance but great driving abilities. You must be defensive and some and in many cases offensive. The offensive. The Atlanta metro area is filled with lots of traffic as well as crazy drivers.


Currently, I am on my daily commute to the office. The office appeared within my short drive to just get on the major highway system I have seen a few incidents already occur. Or I should say close incident since. As someone who spends lots of time on the road, I see many things tapping. In general, you realize as a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta that most people do not know how to drive. One of the things is it’s one drop of rain and everyone loses their mind. Well, that’s pretty consistent with what I see on a daily basis. Thank God today it’s not raining but just cloudy. So I guess the craziness is going to be at a minimum.


Behind a large truck

Right now I’m behind an F250 that can’t make up his mind or what speed he wants to travel. Whether he was going 50 and then realizing I’m on his a** and pushes it up to 95 miles an hour than a meal he hits the brakes. Individuals that drive like this make me go insane.

 However, is good training for my temper because you must stay cool in situations. Therefore, you should focus on what is that hand. Just like a deal with a bear of an agent on the other hand. Not all commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta have a cool head. Much of the time they are They’re good but get their emotions in the way. Wait. As I’m talking about this I just saw a small conversion Van pull in a right hand only turned lane and then block it by going completely laughed. For a moment there it looked like they were going to jump the medium to take a left-hand turn. Then realizing traffic is backing up behind them they quickly spun it around. And this is what I’m saying as a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta you see many things. Most of the time they don’t make much sense.


While driving around is important to keep your eyes on what is happening in your area. Especially when it comes to real estate.. As I’m sitting at this light I’m noticing a shopping center that is fairly old but well taken care of period the tenant mix is some that I would not expect to see together. A Smoothie King and another franchise that I have not seen in years. Schlotzsky’s deli and a Cinnabon are combined. I know. A unique opportunity they to have a good lunch maybe?


Keeping my eyes open

We’re driving around I’m always looking for vacant properties and listing opportunities. Some of these include probably that look like they are being advertised by the owner and not a professional firm. When you see this it is typically a long game and you might try to do things differently. The approach is always key. You’re not gonna tell them why they’re wrong. More bring them a solution that we can take this off their hands and get it done.


 Most property owners do not realize what a household is trying to advertise their property for lease or for sale by themselves. It generally takes a few months of trying to do it on the road before realizing that it is not going to work out for them. Then that’s when we step in to do great marketing for them and show them the value of a commercial real estate broker here in Atlanta.  The Office Advisors constantly strive to do things better. That is why our team of individuals is highly reviewed and rated on Google. If you don’t believe us then you should go on there and check this out.


A good read

 It’s important to stay on top of articles as well as what is happening around in your state. If you have time out of your busy schedule we suggest you check out this article. Trying to be a good commercial real estate broker and Atlanta takes a time period however the good ones are able to do things from development or high dollar license.


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