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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta? Well let me tell you it is not the easiest but it is very rewarding at times. However, not all are successful in being 1. Lots of individuals would like to become commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta. However, the reality of the situation is something other than what you see on TV. The day-to-day operations are something that is extremely hard in order to create a business. Therefore, you must be a driven is a driven individual in order to attain a certain level of success. If you want to learn more about this career then visit our website today at


Furthermore, if you would like to work for the offset visors you can visit our website as well. On there you can learn about all of our commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta. We do service the multiple Southern States as well. However, we focus on the Atlanta area. Therefore, if you are looking to learn more or need assistance in any real estate transaction we are here for you.



 Yesterday was a long but very rewarding day. There are always curve balls thrown at you in this industry. Therefore in order to be a good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta, you must be able to pivot and think on your fade quickly. Even when you think you’re an entire day or dealer shot, Being smart and prepared can save a deal or a client. We’re a client. What happened yesterday was a perfect example of how you turned something that seemed impossible into possible. And then creating a client that trusts you through the process.


Starting off I was scheduled to meet with the client at noon. We were going to tour some land for his potential corporate campus. He’s wanting to build a campus for his company as well as an events center and space. It is an attraction of sorts that he can charge a mission for.

 This land could potentially be one of the largest deals of my career. 


Being a good Agent or Broker

Therefore comment is important to show that I am the best commercial real estate broker in Atlanta for the job. What is? What we did was a scout and locate some land beforehand. I then sent him a list and he chose 1 out of the 10 properties that he wanted to see for his potential campus. On the day of I called the agent to confirm some things about the land property.  Unfortunately, this agent was not the best commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. He had many different things about the property that were advertised incorrectly. Now we are all human and this happened sometimes.


However, advertising something so grievously wrong can be considered fraud. Especially when there’s a discrepancy in the price of $225000 per acre. That is right I said a discrepancy of $225000 per acre. The property was incorrectly listed not only on the size and acreage of it all but the price was grievously misrepresented. Furthermore, another commercial real estate broker in Atlanta had his property incorrectly advertised as active. So in order to sum that this little thing up it was under contract, underpriced is underpriced online, and misrepresented on the size as well. Needless to say, my client was not happy when I called him to inform him of the situation.


Guiding your client to success

 Now, what I did next shows how you have to think quickly and sometimes lead your clients to make the best decision for them. Shouldn’t afford that period as a good Atlanta commercial real estate broker you must be able to be prepared for all situations. Knowing that he liked the Marietta area I already had backups in mind. We then plan to meet at a new location in order for him to hop in the truck with me and one of my agents. Being a great commercial real estate broker in Atlanta doesn’t always mean having the right answers. You got to be able to create something out of nothing sometimes.


After scrambling from thinking we are meeting at 12 o’clock PM to then meeting 30 minutes from the time I told him about the situation yeah I was able to put something together on short notice. We then met at the location and found out after driving around that the property is basically inaccessible and an influential plane. Therefore, we were met with another situation. He was not happy and he is a very busy man.


Therefore, I was able to create another situation and make it better. I knew of another property that was not necessarily zoned properly but could possibly have the potential to meet the zoning requirements he would need. Even though it technically wasn’t Marietta it was still in the same county. We then drove to this location and he fell in love with an. We are now trying to sort through the situation and find out if we need to move forward on this property. That is how turning a terrible situation and thinking quickly can save a client. 


And if I was just like oh well there’s nothing else there I’ll call you in a few days. He would probably move on and thought that I was terrible. Trying to be the number one commercial real estate broker in Atlanta is tough. However, at the office advisors, we are doing just that period even if you don’t believe us you can visit our Google reviews to learn more.


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