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Not your normal firm

Now a traditional commercial real estate broker in Atlanta doesn’t want to do things. They are typically old and lazy and already have their book a business that they just sit back and collect on. Or if they are a new one they are under someone’s thumb for a few years grinding away trying to create their own path. However, at The Office Advisors, we are trying to economize and democratize how commercial real estate is done. We asked you to go to our website to see how this is different. Quickly you will see that it stands out from our competition.


Furthermore, being a good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta is what we are striving to do. However, it is not easy to outpace the competition permit’s the competition. Moreover, hour our industry friends are stuck in and they passed on how to obtain and treat their business. Fortunately, come if you work with The Office Advisors it’s yours this is not how things are done. We utilize different aspects and tactics in order to gain an advantage And provide a better experience for a call in town.


We do things outside the box

One thing that we are doing differently is trying to create an entire call center. As Costner is to generate leads for it leads for not only our owner but each commercial real estate broker in Atlanta on our team. We are doing this by hiring people dedicated only to calling personally to calling. Furthermore, they are individuals who are motivated just by calling.


Today I am meeting someone for coffee who is interviewing to be a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. He is currently at another firm and we will see how he stacks up. If he has done any production on his own or just looking for a free ride. Typically a new agent or broker is glossy-eyed over what it means to be a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. They see people and know some that might have made it. now it can be a very lucrative business with high checks. However, you must provide that service in order to obtain the type of pay that is sold after.


So what this means is that you have to provide great service and go out and find the businesses well. Money is made in off-market deals as many times as commercial real estate. Therefore, in order to be a good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta, you must find all market deals and be OK with rejection.


Advertising property is where money is made

However, lots of money is made as well in the realm of listings. Properties still sell and controlling when controlling them will help you control your income as well. It also is a great source of leads for anyone who has an exclusive listing. There are many signs out that you can get calls from or now that there are Internet listing sites people can reach you through there.


Moreover, having a call center is something that takes time and training. Especially since commercial real estate can be very convoluted and there are many options. So it takes an individual who is willing to put in the time and effort in order to learn the INS announced to the business. Now what we are hoping are is that eventually these individuals will either graduate from being a fantastic caller or become an agent. Or they will be happy in the role and as and produce for us for a long time period


Knowing about the industry turnover 

Realistically speaking we know this is not always the case. Especially since the industry is high turnover and it is a difficult industry to understand appeared being a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta is not an easy task. Therefore it is not for the faint of heart. So we only hire people who are killers and not just great problem solvers. You must go out and create business and opportunities each and every day. If you can’t sell your business will go to Hell.


 In order to be a successful call center agent, you must be setting appointments daily or at least weekly. Therefore, it is certain that we must hire people who are individuals. Not just group think people who feed off of negativity. Though our office is fun and the environment is accelerating. Therefore you must be a passionate and energetic individual to work here. Only looking to hire the best whether it be a call center employee or a commercial real estate broke Great Atlanta. Working at The Office Advisors offers opportunities for all. We will pay for you to get Licensed as a real estate agent in Georgia. Especially if you show that you can handle and set business.


Great career options

So if this sounds like a good opportunity for you or something you’re interested you should check us out. You can visit our website or apply through email. It is very simple all you have to do is reach out to us at From there our founder and partner read more will reach out to if you think she’ll be a good fit. So do not hesitate and find the right home for you today. The Office Advisors are standing by in order to serve you or start your career.


Contact us

 Here are The Office Advisors we’re making the simplest possible for you to reach us. That is why we have chat boxes as well as forms on our homepage. Check us out to learn more and show us what you can do. Careers are always a great way to start at The Office Advisors. We want you to be successful because it makes us successful. Don’t work for just any commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. Come work at the offset advisers to have a fulfilling and successful career.


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Other Companies 

 Now The Office Advisors has many different real estate organizations underneath its umbrella. There is a residential real estate firm as well as a development arm. We are also creating a lending arm that is in the future. So it doesn’t matter if you are wanting to invest in residential commercial or find the money. The Office Advisors and our organizations are here to assist you. Do not hesitate to begin your real estate journey today. Work with the right commercial real estate broken Atlanta or residential 1. We love helping our customers and clients and want to make sure that you are taking care of period


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