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 working with a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta does not have to be difficult. We are even easier to find than you believe. instead of wasting your time searching Around the World Wide Web, you can go straight to our website. On our home page, you will see how easy it is to get in contact with us. Here at The Office Advisors, we strive to accomplish all of our clientele’s skulls. Therefore, we start with the end in mind when doing our initial assessment. Unlike our competition customer service is what we care about more than the transaction. You must be a dedicated individual to your business or investment strategy to be successful. So do not go with just any commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. The Office Advisors is able to successfully guide you to your goal achievement. Visit our website today to learn more. www.theofficeadvisors.com 


Moreover, as licensed professionals, each agent strives to keep the highest standard. The Office Advisors do many things for many clients. Some of them range from a bubble tea franchise to an indoor children’s playground. As well as industrial and office clients. Each one of our commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta specializes in assisting clients of all shapes and sizes. Therefore, it only makes good business sense to work with us. We have the skill and expertise to achieve all of your goals. Whenever you were searching for any type of commercial real estate we are here to help. Don’t go with the competition and be boring. when you work with others you’re just a number to them. However, when you work with the office advisors you are treated like family.


 A little bit about the client

 recently our partner was able to help a new type of concept locate and negotiate on some space. The company is called Wiggle Giggle. they are an indoor children’s playground concept. Meaning they charge either a subscription or a day pass in order to utilize the facility. Located in a retail Center mothers and fathers alike will bring their children up to the age of 12 where they can have birthday parties and play on an indoor playset. This is great because regardless of the weather the children are able to get some energy out and have some playtime. Which as most people know is an extreme benefit to their developmental skills.


 The founder of Wiggle Wiggle got the idea when traveling and utilizing other locations in the Metro Atlanta area. She has a young daughter at home. With a young daughter and the weather extremely hot in Georgia, it is hard to find an activity where they can burn energy as well as be athletic. Especially without being out in the extremely hot sun. A client has been to a few of the competitors and figured she could do it better. Especially since the market, we focused on had no competition in the immediate area.



The Office Advisors were contacted by the founder of Wiggle Giggle. She was Googling commercial real estate broker Atlanta and the office advisors came up. She was searching in her immediate area around Marietta where the office is located so the map location was indicated as a nearby Prospect. When talking to the owner of the company she said she started Googling because she’s done this in the past but not for her own business. Knowing that she needed a licensed commercial real estate broker in Atlanta to represent her she chose the office advisors. One of her main factors in selecting us was the fact that we had an extremely high with you count with many of our customers praising us.


During the initial assessment, it became evident that she was business-savvy. Knowing exactly what you want with a plan ahead. Therefore, the office advisor set out to find the right location for Wiggle Giggle. The square footage was already predetermined within a range. However, the largest challenge the owner of Wiggle Google had was getting other listing Brokers to contact her back. Within a matter of days, multiple locations were set up as potential spots for the budding business. Unlike a traditional commercial real estate broker in Atlanta, we work fast. Being a startup was a slight challenge to convince a few landlords. However, the business Acumen and plan that was put together put them at ease. Especially since she was able to acquire some investors and funds in order to get the business off the ground.



 Initially, it was narrowed down to a single location. The negotiations began with the office advisors and the landlord. We represented the client to the best of our ability and were able to get some 10 Improvement allowance out of the landlord. The initial space was just shy of 9000 square feet in a large shopping center. However, after walking it with some contractors and really putting eyes on the issues with the space things started to take form. With a limited budget, reality began to set in. Taking on this build-out would be hundreds of thousands of dollars. The space has been previously vacated by a Tuesday Morning operator.


 Furthermore, the space has been vacant for years and according to the initial inspection from a contractor the entire HVAC will need to be replaced. The HV AC estimate it would have been upwards of $20,000. So if our client had to front this it would have cut into the budget for build-out and operations. While negotiating on this lease the strategy began to set in.


 As one of the top commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta, we did things differently. Our client entrusted us to find a solution. That is exactly what we did.


 After realizing that this space might have the perfect location and surrounding tenant mix, but really put a hurt on the budget. The agent was able to locate a nearby location and began to negotiate there as well. After a few back and forths with the owner, a deal was struck. 



 and agreed upon lease was Matt. After conversating with contractors’ ownership and insurance agents. finally, the lease was executed. Everyone seems to be happy in their Rolls.  quickly the ownership of Wiggle Giggle has been on the Move. Hiring contractors as well as contacting the utility companies. Make sure that delivery and build-out will start on the same day. Furthermore, it is important to note that without a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta on their side things might not have happened. Wiggle Giggle is looking to open in the late fall or early winter of 2022.


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 Here at The Office Advisors, we try to make things simple as possible. That is why all you have to do is go to our website to reach us. You’ll be paired with a licensed commercial real estate broker in Atlanta from the onset. Make sure that your needs are met and expectations or set from the onset. Do not hesitate to begin your commercial real estate Journey. See why so many have chosen the office in Weiser to represent them.


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