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 you’re the office advisors we do things differently. That is why many licensed commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta have chosen to work for us. If you were looking to change your career or get your career path on a new trajectory then check us out. Fortunately, we stand up for my competition for a multitude of reasons. We have smiling faces and many individuals that like working for us. So if you have not been in the industry long or looking for a change we suggest you contact us today. All you have to do is visit our website to reach one of our staff.


 furthermore, if you work at a residential form before you know things are weird. Your split may be okay there however your typically nickel-and-dimed on each transaction. The unspoken factor is that you are not respected in your field among peers. Take for example a Keller Williams office. Even though they have a broad residential reach. The commercial real estate broker in Atlanta aspect is slightly different. Most agents are Brokers that are strictly commercial and do not respect an agency like this. Therefore it makes sense to be with a firm that focuses solely on commercial real estate. Check out the office advisors today.


 the career as a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta

 typically, if you’ve been in the industry longer than 6 months you know things are not Sunshine Rises. However, that is not the case when you work with us. As a licensed individual, we try to set you up for success. Other companies might give you a phone book and say go Prospect. However, that is not the case when you work with the office Advisors.


The day-today actions to meet that make you successful or not fun. Especially if you’re trying to be a successful commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. It typically involves a lot of cold calling and prospecting. So you have to have thick skin and a drive for success.


 What it’s like working out of the firm

 if you choose to work for a competition you know that your splits are not great. This means that no matter what you bring into the office you are going to get 50% of that total Commission. Furthermore, The Brokerage Minot gives you a lot of support. This is not the case if you work at the office advisors. We want to give you all the support and a better split to make you successful. So we only watch Agents and Brokers that are striving for the success in every aspect of their life. Not just their career. In order to do this, we hire “A” players.


Our competition you might work your ass off for years to make the company millions of dollars. However, they will not even accept the fact that you are doing something great for them. What we have been seeing in the industry is that after a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta makes the firm millions of dollars they will not promote them or give them any here incidents. Therefore, they are upset.


Moreover, if you have ground out for years making pennies and then you are making millions and none wants to compensate you for it is ridiculous. So the office advisers think things are definitely. We want to be a different type of commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. Having set out to treat Brokers as well as customers different from the traditional ways.


 How we recruit

 now the office advised we have a whole recruiting team behind us. So they spend their time calling on top producers in our industry. Therefore, we have high-level individuals at our office. However, this is not always the case and we like training up juniors in people with less experience. So if you were on the job hunt you might have seen one of our as follows.


Must possess a Georgia Real Estate license or currently pursuing one.


Work with Investors, business owners, and companies to achieve their commercial real estate goals.


Don’t make the mistake of getting lost and frustrated looking for the right brokerage.


We have a high-energy team that focuses on production.


If you like a great work environment that is unlike a traditional commercial real estate brokerage then apply now!


Benefits when working at The Office Advisors


We Provide Leads to help your business grow

Team environment

Sales training

Weekly happy hours

Family Owned and Operated


This will give you a quick insight into how we operate and what we’re looking for. So if you have thoughts of joining us all you have to do is contact it the office advisers. If you’re looking to be a different type of commercial real estate broker in Atlanta check us out.


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 the office advisors does things differently. If you haven’t gained that already then you should talk to one of our higher-ups. A partner or founder will be there at your disposal. To fill out one of the forms in our website today and get in contact with us to change your career path.


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The office advisors in our affiliate companies are able to assist you in all of your real estate needs. Here we can assist with your first home purchase or locating the right space for your startup business. What do your investor that is extremely sophisticated or a first-time home buyer we are here to assist. Do not hesitate in contact one of our organization’s today to begin your real estate journey.