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Have you ever thought about changing careers? Or maybe you thought the commercial real estate realm is something that seems interesting and profitable. We can tell you that it can be profitable and successful. Being a good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta is hard work out. Don’t. Especially if you’ve never been out on your own or had to create a business out of thin air. However, call by if you’re thinking about becoming a commercial real estate broker and Lina. Reach out to The Office Advisors. On our website, we have a career form as well.


Here at The Office Advisors, we are always hiring. However, we only won’t service-minded and hard-working individuals. If you are a hard worker and like to produce we might be the right fit for you. Unfortunately, we are not the place for every good commercial real estate broken in Atlanta. We are a different breed of commercial real estate agents. We utilize technology as well as customer service in order to stand out from the competition.

Do Not be Lazy

Furthermore commercial real estate broker Atlanta is seen as lazy. They are typically noncommunicative and do not respond quickly to any type of action. So if this sounds like you then you probably won’t be a good fit. Subsequently, if you are a people person and a hard worker this would be the opposite. So if you are thinking of starting a new career or moving brokerages then you should check this out.


How to start

 Firstly if you’re thinking of a career to be a commercial real estate broker and Atlanta there are things you need to do 1st period starting off you must be licensed. However, this is a process as well. You up There are a few tasks that you must have passed in order to become a licensed real estate agent in the state of Georgia. 1st is a classroom portion of the course. That is right in order to get your license you must 1st pass a classroom section. 

Step One

This classroom section can be done online or in person. We highly suggest doing the in-person class as the online one is not nearly as in-depth or informational. Not having an instructor to bounce some questions off of or get a deep understanding of has proven difficult for most students. The online course can be done quicker in a sense but we strongly recommend against that period


At the conclusion of the classroom portion of the licensing which is typically 20 something hours. There is a classroom exam test. This exam must be passed in order to go on to the state. If you do not pass the in-classroom test you will not be allowed to even take the state exam.


Furthermore, you are allowed a limited number of attempts on the classroom portion of the task. Once you have failed a few times you will be required to retake the entire classroom portion. That is right not just the test but the entire classroom experience as well. This makes it difficult for many people to become commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta. Whether you’re residential or not but I send the visuals to do this as a second career. So the classroom portion seems to be one of the hardest. Is due to the fact that they’ve been out of a classroom for many years or decades. However, if you put your mind to it and apply yourself it can be done quickly and efficiently.


Step two

The 2nd step to becoming a licensed agent in the state of Georgia is the standing sale. After you have passed the classroom exam portion of the test you will then be allowed to register for a proctored state exam. The state exam is typically harder and longer than the classroom portion. However, you must understand and read the questions fully. This is because of the statics and there is some confusion on purpose. Why they would want to trick you is a little confusing.


However, trying to become licensed is all part of it. The fortunate thing is you will know immediately after completion of the test if you have passed or failed the exam. Just as the classroom portion of the exam you allowed a limited number of attempts on the estate task. And you have to be an agent before you can become a commercial real estate broker your Atlanta.


Once you have asked about the classroom as well as the state exam it is important to have your license hanging somewhere. This is just a turn of phrase, but it means to have a licensed brokerage hold your license you must affiliate with them. If you do not affiliate with a brokerage you’re not allowed to practice. So your license will be inactive and you will not be able to perform real estate duties as a licensed professional.


Many individuals who are seeking to become commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta start interviewing at firms before taking the task. Or they already have one in mind that they know someone at. This is very common in our industry. Stop thinking about getting licensed and want to join a firm that will allow you to grow come to check us out. The Office Advisors provides training as well as a mental ship program in order to get you in your business often running.


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 Now on our website, we make it as simple as possible for you to reach us. Whether you are needing help in commercial real estate or thinking about a new career. The Office Advisors is a different type of commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. Therefore, we want to help you succeed in your career as well. So if you’re thinking about that Or wanting to move firms and check us out today. Our partners are standing by in order to talk about options and see if you might be a good fit here.


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