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Traditionally a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta is seen as an old stuffy man. However, things have changed ever so slightly. Soon as The Office Advisors busted on the scene in the commercial real estate round. We have been gaining momentum and notoriety. Clients and customers are raving about us. This might be the first time ever that people are actually happy to work with a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. If you don’t believe us check out our Google reviews. You don’t have to spend all day searching around the world wide web for the right company to work with. You can go straight to our website to learn more.


 fortunately, our Founders wanted to change how the end-user interacted with commercial real estate. This goes for an investor or a company looking to be space. It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup or a large organization. here at The Office Advisors, you’ll be treated the same. Just like family and I relationship status. We don’t view each transaction as a number. Our team of commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta actually cares for you.


Unlike the competition, we were able to get creative when it comes to deals. The large competitors in the industry do things differently. They make you fit into a check box as well as their deals. However, that is not the case when you work with us. A commercial real estate broker in Atlanta that gets created can get more deals done. It will also benefit more sides of the transaction. So if you’re looking for a Creative Source to achieve your real estate goals look no further.


 What makes us different

Standing out from the crowd is what The Office Advisors do best. Being an oddity in the industry has created success for us as an organization. Do you ever want to work with something different? We set out to create a new standard as a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. Traditionally, things are boring as well as not very transparent. Our Founders wanted transparency from the onset. From our initial assessment of your needs, you will see that we are transparent about your objectives as well as goals. There are no questions that you should be afraid to ask. So many companies and investors have trusted us and you should too.


 Constantly updating and talking to you

 communication is key when it comes to a transactional process. Especially if you’re dealing with millions of dollars or the largest expense to your bottom line. When dealing with commercial real estate as an organization it is many times number 1 or 2 next to payroll on the most costly expensive a business. At The Office Advisors, we want to be your commercial real estate efficiency expert. That is why throughout the entire transaction and process your commercial real estate broker in Atlanta will be in communication.


 there are many different nuances as well as questions that happened during leases or purchase and sale negotiations. Working with a broker that understands your needs and goals is important to your success. Therefore, you should align yourself with an agent or broker that understands your needs.  When working with the offset Bizer’s you will quickly see that we are different from our competition because of this. Asking questions and making sure everything aligns so we are on the same path together.


 Starting with the end

 In your initial assessment, we will ask about what you want to achieve. Especially in a visual representation and what it looks and feels like to you. If it is a dollar amount or just a pure location we understand that as well. However, without knowing where you want to end up we cannot plan the path for you. So the assessment will go over many different aspects of your commercial real estate.


 Initially, the process seems excruciatingly slow. As well as the negotiation part can drag on for what seems like an eternity. However, the financial decision is ultimately on you. We love to protect our clients in every aspect. Whether it be a financial or additional obligation later down the road. As a professional commercial real estate brokerage in Atlanta, we understand contracts and read them constantly. However, this company is not full of attorneys. So we always suggest having your attorney take you to look over the documents before signing anything.



 utilizing what we have at hand and looking for other opportunities in technology. This will always try to put us at the forefront of the commercial real estate industry. However, others may try to imitate us but never can be repeated. So we have carved out a niche for ourselves that will benefit you as a client as well.


 Advertising in utilizing search engine optimization will put your property in front of mine. Whether you were trying to sell an existing asset or lease it up. We advertised differently than any competitor out there. Especially if you’re dealing with another commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. They do the lazy thing and put a sign out in the yard and maybe make a couple of calls. This is not the case when you work with us.


Advertising strategies

 the goal is to get your property in front of the most eyes possible. As well as the right set of eyes. That is why we utilize everything at our disposal.  Furthermore, Google ads and other Internet retargeting ads are constantly being run. We pay for your property to be in front of the paywall as well. This means the general public will be able to see your property when not have certain accounts.


 He also advises believes every property may not be created equal but deserves the same chance. We will fight for your small undeveloped tract and land the same way we will advertise for an entire office building. This is with fervor and commitment. Each property will go through the same scrutiny and skill as anything else does.  so if you’re looking for a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta that will advertise and get your property sold faster than it is The Office Advisors. Do not hesitate to check this out and visit our website today to learn more about how we can help you.

 Contact us

 As previously stated our website is the easiest way to get in touch with us. Also if you want to check out our Google reviews our phone number and website link or online as well. You can read reviews from customers and clients just like you. All real and verified individuals. These companies and investors have trusted The Office Advisors in the past. Only makes good business sense that you do as well.


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