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 Now, going into any type of real estate transaction can be difficult. That is why you should always have representation on your side. Hiring the right commercial real estate broker in Atlanta can save you money and headache. However, hiring the wrong one also create headaches and problems. Check out why many have trusted the office advisors. All you have to do is go to a Google Business listing and read our reviews. All of these reviews from customers and clients call Ike. Instead of searching the World Wide Web all you have to do is go to our website today to learn more. You can also contact us through our homepage. Even if you want to Career we have a place for you as well. Just go to the website today to learn more and we are standing by to assist you in not only your commercial real estate needs but your career as well.

 Furthermore, if you’ve never hired a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta to assist you in any type of transaction and then here’s the time. There are many ins and outs, especially when leasing space for lease for a company. You must be aware of a lot of things. Not just what is in the lease but the market conditions as well. Having the right representative on your side can help you prepare and even gain by having the right location. Let The Office Advisors be that guide.

 a lease is a contract remember that

 furthermore, understanding what you were signing is imperative to your success and conversely, you were a failure. Make sure that you realize a lease is a legally binding contract and you are responsible for the entire term of that contract. Meaning even if you sign a lease and end up having to close down your business your responsibilities still remain. Making sure that you have the correct commercial real estate broker in Atlanta on your side can save you time money as well as frustration.

 Before signing a lease you must understand what you were getting into. That is why having the right advisor on your side can help. Even if you are a prime negotiator it is okay. Representation is always recommended even if you do not choose to go with the office advisors. We always suggest you have a licensed  Commercial real estate broker in Atlanta guiding you through the process.

 market knowledge can be a make major factor in success. What is offered or not offered in one part of town can be completely different. So if you were expanding from one submarket to another having a representative on your side who understands these new wants can be extremely beneficial to you. Not only in the short run but in the long run as well. shortest stories have someone on your side in order to avoid pitfalls and gain a better success rate for your company. Don’t go into a lease blindly oh, and make sure you understand all the aspects of the contract.

 Three small factors to be aware of

 starting off is understanding your rent. Now, this may seem like an of course! At the moment, however, understanding exactly what you’re paying every month is extremely beneficial. There are sometimes additional rents and hidden fees within a lease. What’s your original e quoted is typically just your base rent. Understanding the fact that there are other charges known as additional rent in your lease can save you headache and sticker shock when it comes time to pay your rent on the first of the month.

 There are many different charges in this additional rent and I can come about. Some of them may be taxes, the utilities you are responsible for as well as cam. Sometimes the cam includes all of these as well. However, that is not always the case and it is very important to understand what you will be charged and what your responsibilities are. The last thing anybody wants and seeing the rent drop $501 from what they initially budgeted for. Having a good or competent commercial real estate broker in Atlanta on your side will help you ascertain what your budget should be. Especially when it comes to the additional rent.

 Do I need insurance?

 Secondly one of the things you must be aware of when signing a lease is how much Insurance you are required by the landlord to have. The amount of coverage can vary based on the product type as well as the industry you are in. Therefore, it is understandable that these rates as well as coverage amounts will vary based on location. Make sure that you read your insurance requirements and how much coverage you are required to have by the landlord. If you do not get the minimum required. Then they can hold you in default of the lease and you are still responsible for the entire term. This is a nightmare scenario that no one wants to be in.

 Furthermore, we suggest you always shop rates and we have contacts as well as partners in the industry for you. Altitude benefits as one of the top commercial real estate insurance providers in North Georgia. So we suggest you have them take a look at your needs initially.

 What else do I have to be responsible for?

 Thirdly something that is scary to many peoples is the hidden responsibilities. Now in most cases, the landlord is required for an  HVAC unit that has to be replaced. This burden is either solely or partially on them. However, maintaining the equipment is on you generally speaking. So you must have a service contract in place for your  HVAC units.  

Another nightmare scenario from a client was told to us about how their HP AC unit went out and they didn’t realize in their least they were responsible for the entire replacement out there. And they were in a large industrial space as units cost $15,000 apiece. So as you can imagine it was a major shock when they found out they were the ones responsible for replacing them. $3,000 came as an extreme burden on the company. Do not be caught in a scenario like this. Have the right commercial real estate broker in Atlanta on your side in order to prevent situations like this.

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