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Locating a tight supply

Searching for deals in this market is difficult. However, they do not have to be if you have the right commercial real estate broker in Atlanta your side. The good ones, like The Office Advisors, are here to assist you and know what to do. Fortunately, there are still good deals to be had. Locating off-market deals is one of these ways. If you need help resourcing an investment property visit our website today.


Unlike our competitors, the offset visors and our teamwork harder. We will go to bat for you and search high and low for the right property that you are looking to source. We will not use just an online listing platform cover platform, but other means necessary. There it. The team at The Office Advisors is the best commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. We strive to set ourselves apart and make our customers and clients happy at every step. If you don’t believe this we suggest you check out our website as well as our Google reviews from customers and clients just like you. 


Market verse off-market property listing

 Now call me if you’re not in the industry you might not understand this term immediately. However, if you sit down and think about it I’m sure you grasp it immediately. That immediately appeared on market means a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta has an exclusive right to represent that property. They’re putting it out to the market showing them that is available for sale or lease. 


This is the traditional way of marketing properties. You put it out to the public as well as other commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta in order to get it out in front of as many eyes as possible. It is very effective, especially in the market we’re dealing with today. When it seems to be that anything that is for sale or lease is a meal At least gobbled up from the consumer.


The inverse to this of course is the off-market properties. Meaning a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta might still have the right to represent this property but it’s also shopping it to others in the industry as well as his role of dikes a buyer’s or tenants. So if you think it is a good idea to purchase something in this market that gifts are called. We are still finding great deals. One of the big small retail centers with a Marietta address. Is where it is located


Examples of what we have

 A reasoning example of an awkward property we have is a 7 tenant retail strips center in Marietta. Is property cash flowing well and is currently I’m asking 3 million 600000 dollars for it.


Our partner and commercial real estate broker Atlanta Reid was contacted by the owner in order to see what he could do. As well as his opinion of price since they were already receiving offers that she believed were too low. Since contacting Reed we have several interested parties as well as offers on the table.


Taking a more detailed look into the Real Estate

A more in-depth prop dive into this property shows that it is going to be a great return. The owner’s husband was the developer of the builder on this. So they knew they were gonna hold it for a long time and wanted to build something solid that wouldn’t cost them a lot of money. This is a good sign.


Buyers like to see that there’s no deferred maintenance and it’s a solidly built structure that won’t give them headaches down along. These headaches are not just with tenants but structural and mechanical issues as well. Having a developer that was reputable as well as the owner of it put some of these investors’ minds and ease about the quality of the building structure.


Other than just the structure itself the way the tenants are stacked gives a great return on your investment as well. 3 of the 7 tenants or corporately guaranteed leases. Therefore, even if this location goes out of business the corporate entity behind them will still pay the remainder of the lease. That is why it is called an incorporated guaranteed lease.


The 3 tenants that are part of this corporate guarantee and have extensions or Starbucks, Avis car rental, and Jersey Mike Subs.


So if you’re in the market for a retail center or layout or anything else the office advisers can help. We are the right commercial real estate broker in Atlanta for your needs. We can assist you can assist you in sourcing the right deal that matches your criteria. You don’t hesitate but reach out to one of us today in order to begin your journey.


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 Trying to make it as simple as possible to have you reach out to us. On our website, there are forms as well as information about the services we offer. You can also use the good old-fashioned telephone to reach us. Don’t hesitate higher the best Atlanta commercial real estate broker you can’t. That is The Office Advisors.


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