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Have you begun a new startup business or have an existing business and need commercial office space for rent? The Office Advisors is a trusted Atlanta commercial real estate brokerage. We can help any company no matter the size find the right commercial space for rent. The step by step process we are known for helps even the largest of companies. This is because we at The Office Advisors take the time with each client to ensure that we understand their needs. After we take into account the needs of the client we put them into our process. (404) 594-3028. 


Now, if you have begun your search for your first or next location you need representation. Many first time business owners do not understand the importance of having a broker. When looking for their ideal commercial office space for rent they try and go it alone. Again and again we see this with first time business owners. The mindset of trying to save money or doing it all themselves is all too often apparent. Educating the tenant on how both of these are the wrong approach can save a ton of money in the long run.


Moreover, having someone that is industry specific advising you on your business journey is what experts say to do. This is no different than when you are looking for commercial office space for rent. A commercial real estate broker is someone who has knowledge that comes from being in the field daily. We are there to protect the interest of our client. This means wading through many minefields in order to get them moved in or a property leased. As a result the broker is there to protect our clients wallet. We make sure that they are getting the best deal possible with what the market and industry is doing. What you should do is visit our website on the world wide web. Go to the tab why representation for a more indepth look.


Customer in Mind

Now, when clicking around our website you find a few different spots to get into contact with us. After you have read about our team, we are certain that you will want to work with us. The Office Advisors was founded with the customer in mind. You can feel this after reading a few entries on our website. Our founders saw a lack in the market of commercial real estate. This came very apparent when some of our brokers were representing clients that were looking for commercial office space for rent. They got a sense of lack luster in the industry. So we set out to energize and reshape how business was done.


On the same note, we saw how many clients did not understand the process. This is why we take all our clients through an initial assessment and time line explanation. We both need to understand what each other’s goals and obligations are to ensure success. You understand as a business owner exactly what you want. We need to understand what it is so we can help you achieve that vision.


Secondly, you as a client have to understand our end. This is so we can layout a timeline, introduce you to the other members of the team and layout how we can help. We here at The Office Advisors want to be able to give the highest quality of service. In business time is money. This is why we take the time up front in order to get it right. We want to understand your vision for your company. The location of this business is paramount to its success. This can mean not only the physical location, but how much the tenant is paying. Our brokers always strive to find you the best commercial office space for rent at a price you can handle.


Our Services

Now, when it comes to commercial brokers we are definitely the best around Atlanta. We can offer different services when it comes to a commercial office space for rent. A great practice when you are looking at retaining a broker is to check their references. What you should do as a consumer is two things. First, go to our Google Map business page. On this business page you can find our location as well as reviews. These reviews have come from real clients just like you. Another option is from our homepage scroll to down a little bit. Towards the bottom of the page you can also find reviews from our past clients.


If you are a business owner looking to lease space, we can help. Also if you are a landlord that has vacant or soon to be vacant commercial office space for rent we can help. If you are a landlord that is looking to sell your commercial asset, we can also help. The brokers at The Office Advisors can help in almost all of your commercial real estate needs. We do however, specialize any party needing help with commercial office space for rent.


Advertising the commercial office space for rent can be a trying task. Most brokers do the exact same things in the industry. This means that you will typically get the exact same marketing packet from any number of commercial brokers here in Atlanta. What they do is put a sign out, either by the road or on the glass. They then take some photos with their phone and post a listing online. Now, this is where we are different in the marketing aspect. Yes, we do take photos and put them on the same websites. However, we go above and beyond.


Now, The Office Advisors add more to our marketing than previously discussed. We have a professional photographer for all our listings. This includes commercial office space for rent for any size property. A service that is on average reserved for larger commission clients for other firms. We do it regardless of size. Also we offer a 3D walk-through of the property. An expense we incur up front. We want to save you as much time as possible when sifting through potential tenants. Having a walk-through available allows them to understand the property without having to set up a tour. Saving time and confusion cuts down on cost and negotiations when it gets to it. 


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The task of locating your first or next commercial office space for rent is one you should not go alone. The Office Advisors are here to help guide you through it all. We can help you list your existing space for rent or sell. The broker’s love being a tenant rep because we love working with a myriad of different industries. We will protect your interest so do not hesitate to fill out our form and begin today. If you need help with residential real estate check out are partner Sellect Realty. (404) 594-3028.