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When you are a new or even seasoned entrepreneur you will inevitably be searching for commercial office space for rent. The first thought when beginning your search for commercial real estate should be The Office Advisors. We have helped our clients find and negotiate their lease. Visit our homepage on the world wide web to learn more about how he can help in your business journey. Our trusted commercial real estate brokers love helping any type of business find their next or first location.(404) 594-3028. 


Equally important you have to take the initiative to contact us. This is why we made it so easy. Just fill out the form and we will take it from there. You can poke around our website to learn more about us. You can read our reviews on why our clients enjoy working with our team. Equally important is why representation when looking for commercial office space for rent is important. Read this tab, but also read on as we can explain more.

How do I start

Now, you might be wondering how do I start searching for commercial office space for rent. The obvious choice is to go on the world wide web and begin your search. One of the first sights most of our clients come across is This is a good site to begin the search for your office lease. Sadly there is an issue when the general public starts searching through the for lease listings on the website. You as a general consumer will be given limited information on the property. This of course puts you at a disadvantage. You might have also come across the fact that you thought there would be a lot more available for lease in the Atlanta or Marietta markets. 


Fear not my fellow office leasing tenants. The Office Advisors are here to help. The issue for you doing the commercial office space for rent search on your own is that you will run into paywalls. We however are in the industry and pay for the access to all of the listings. Your available properties have just opened up a massive amount of opportunities. This can all be available to you just by visiting our website Fill out the form on the right side of our homepage or on the contact us tab. An Advisor will contact you to assist in whatever your commercial real estate needs might be.


What is the Cost of a Broker

The cost of a broker if you are looking for commercial office space for rent is free 99.9% of the time. Wow, we are pretty sure this is your reaction. I am sure you are even wondering how this can be true. The secret is that the landlord of the property you as a business is leasing pays us. The commission for his broker and a tenant rep broker are factored into the cost of doing business. Going at this time consuming task alone will not save you any money. Many business owners think that they will save by cutting out a broker. This however is untrue.


Now, the reason for this is that the landlord will be paying the same amount of commission. This is because he or she has a broker on their end of the transaction. The broker that is representing the landlord is entitled to all of the commission. Having a broker saves the landlord time and money. He is willing to pay for having his space marketed. They are also happy when they have a tenant that is paying rent on a lease. Because this is how they make their money of course. So the landlord is willing to pay a commission on the task of marketing and bringing a tenant to them. 


Why A broker is important

A broker is important to anyone searching for commercial office space for rent for a few reasons. First is the time freedom it allows the business owner. We take over the task of combing through the seemingly thousands of for lease listings in your market. Because we had a session talking about your wants and needs we understand what you are looking for. The broker you are working with can then whittle down a site list for you then to pick out properties to tour. Then you sit back and wait for the time that works for you to tour. Our brokers here will go through and set up each tour. We contact each broker to make sure that your respective business will fit with the vision of the building. We also verify that the listing is accurate. This I am sure you can begin to see takes a lot of time. We free the owner up from this task so they can focus on what they do best. That is running their business!


Secondly on why a broker is important is saving you money. When searching for commercial office space for rent there are many factors that go into a lease. Some of these things the general public might not be aware of. These include items such as a tenant improvement allowance. This is money that the landlord will give towards the build out of a space. This is available at all sites but generally something is offered like this. Also having a broker when negotiating rates is very helpful to your bottom line. We are in this fight daily. The Office Advisors understand what is a fair rate for the market and what is not. By the same token our brokers have the data to back this up. They spend countless hours a month looking at what rates are in all the Atlanta markets in order to help our clients get the best deal possible.


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The wait to find your commercial office space for rent should end today. The first step is to contact us on our website. You can call us as well. The Offices Advisors’ brokers are here to help in any of your commercial real estate needs. While you are on the website look around until you are comfortable. Even if you do not choose to work with us. Please have representation in any of your real estate transactions.(404) 594-3028.