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Commercial Office Space for Rent – How Do I Start?


Are you looking for commercial office space for rent in the Atlanta area? If so you have come to the right place. We at The Office Advisors specialize in helping our clients navigate the complexities of searching for commercial office space. We know this is a very time consuming task. That is why our Advisors will take the time necessary to understand you and your business so we can find the perfect commercial office space for you. 

How do I look for commercial office space?

In our day and age the first thing most people do is go straight to Google. You might type something in the search bar like “ Commercial Office space for rent”. Or a lot of people search in question form such as “How do I rent commercial office space?” No matter how you search you will come across the listing companies and commercial brokerages. This is where many people get confused about what they are actually looking for.

Many of the popular listing sites such as and are where the commercial office space for rent is advertised. What is not told to you is that many of the options on the market are hidden behind a paywall. When this happens you could miss out on great opportunities if you are not using a broker.


What is a Broker?

Your commercial broker is someone who is licensed by the state to perform real estate actions. These brokers are there to protect the interest of their clients. On all real estate transactions there are two sides of a transaction. One side is a selling or leasing side and the other side is a buyer or lessee. These brokers are there to make sure that their clients interest and money is protected. 


Should I use a broker when searching for Commercial Office space for rent?

We always recommend that when searching for commercial office space for rent you have  representation. You should always have representation because the landlord will. The landlord has someone looking out for their interest and money. A broker on your side can free up your time from wading through all the commercial office space for rent so you as a business owner work on your business.

Advantages to having your broker are not limited to freeing up your time. Many of the commercial office space for rent are being advertised on broker only websites.There is a pretty expensive paywall for viewing these listings. Having a broker can bring you locations that might have never known were available if you  did not have representation. 


Things you might not know are involved in renting office space

When leasing a commercial office space you might not be aware of what all goes into a lease. There are many different terms and points that can be negotiated. Office landlords are there to make money off you leasing from them. They know that when someone is searching for commercial office space to rent that they might not understand all of the items in a lease.

Tenant improvement allowance and CAM are terms that many might not be familiar with. Not knowing what these terms are can lead to stresses for your business down the road. Many times a tenant is responsible for more cost than just their base rental amount. This can be a shock to an owner after they move in and their first bill comes. Having a broker can help negotiate and understand hidden costs for you. We never want our clients bills to come as a shock. 


What is the cost of commercial office space?

The search, negotiations and lease development is generally free for the tenant. This is because the landlord has already a built in cost of doing business. As a result landlord will pay your broker for bringing him a paying customer. The cost saved for you the business owner might be invaluable in just the time you can save not wading through all the time consuming task of looking for commercial office space to rent. 

A good broker and a good commercial real estate attorney can be invaluable to a business owner. We always suggest using both. Having costly surprises in your business is never fun. That is why we suggest building a knowledgeable team in order to help in your efforts when searching for your new commercial office.

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