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Do you own a business, or are you in a leadership role for a business. Then you might have had to look for commercial office space to rent. I am sure that you have had to do this task at least once when starting your company. You as the business owner or individual charged with the task of finding commercial office space for rent understands how long this process can be. Most people go to the world wide web and get on Google to start their search for office space. They should have started with our website for The Office Advisors. This would have saved you a lot of time and money.

First, you should hop on your computer, phone or tablet and click on your browser. From here you can either search The Office Advisors on Google. Another option is to go to our website This is how you start the process of finding commercial office space for rent. Did you know that there are many commercial real estate brokerages out there. I am sure you were aware of this. In the Atlanta area we have many of the largest commercial office brokers. There are also a large amount of what would be considered boutique brokerages. How do you know you are making the right choice can be scary. (404) 594-3028. 

Fear Not

 We at The Office Advisors take the scary and to many unknown process of finding your first commercial office space for rent. Our brokers are there to help you with all your questions.You can learn about our story by going to our website and clicking on our team link. From there you can read all about our founders and head of brokerage. Moreover you will see that we are in the entrepreneurial journey just as many of our clients.

Comparatively this helps our brokers empathize with our clients when they are searching for commercial office space to rent. Us as brokers are each small business owners and operators. We go through many of the same struggles our clients experience. The ups and downs of markets affect all of our business , so being in tune with many different industries is an advantage. Furthermore this advantage spills over to each client we are working with. Using our knowledge of working with this multitude of industries allows us to advise on a macro level. Also we can advise down to the micro level with our client due to us working with the same industry professionals.

The Office Advisors

Now, you might have a better picture as to why it is a good idea to work with The Office Advisors. You will find when searching for commercial office space for rent that there are a multitude of commercial brokerages. For the most part you will find that there are not many differences in working with the brokers. They are all set up similarly for you to work with. What you will find by comparing websites is a difference.

Now you can go to our competitors website and get lost on how to even contact them. As soon as you visit our website on the world wide web you will be created by an easy to navigate site. On the home page you can easily get into contact with us by filling out the form. This form is very easy and even if you do not know if it’s time to start your search fill it out. We can still answer your questions for free. 

By the same token you can go to our website and click on the contact us tab. There is another short form that you can fill out so we can assist you in finding commercial office space for rent. Also on this page on our website you will see a few facts and definitions. These are there to help you better understand the journey of finding your next commercial office space for rent. Some of the helpful fats answer the question of how much do we cost to represent a tenant.

The simple answer is that are service comes at no out of pocket cost to you the tenant. I know this might sound too good to be true. Let me assure you that it is not. Secondly we all know that nothing is free. This however is true. You the tenant never pay us directly. The landlord is responsible for our commission.


Negotiate on my own


Negotiating on your own might sound like a good idea. Not to mention that you might be thinking that you will save the commission because of this. Unfortunately this is not the case. The landlord or owner of the building already has real estate commissions built in as a cost of doing business. Your commission you thought you would be saving by negotiating your own commercial office for rent goes now entirely to the listing broker. The landlord is not going to give you a break on your lease for doing it by yourself. The landlord knows that he can be able to slip things in the lease or letter of intent on no real estate professionals.


By the same token we are there to free up your time as an owner or operator. We understand that your time is precious and that is best spent in the company. Time lost looking for commercial office space for rent is time lost making money. You could have been making sales or managing your team. Instead you decided to take up all your time trying to real estate. We are there to free you from this time consuming task so you can focus on running your business.


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Now I am almost certain that you are convinced to work with The Office Advisors. This is especially true because you want the best help for your commercial office space for rent. In addition to the rest of your team we are there to help you thrive as a business. We want to help you be set up for success in any way we can help. If you are not fully convinced just revisit our website or our Google business page listing and read our reviews. Comparatively to all the other brokers you can be able to quickly see that we stand out. Do not waste any more time and contact us today at (404) 594-3028.