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The Office Advisors is here to serve the business owners and operators of metro Atlanta area. With a quick and easy call to 404-661-2137 we can offer you a free lease analysis of your current lease. Don’t have a current lease? Our experienced brokers can help you start the journey for your Atlanta Commercial RealEstate needs. This is the perfect chance to try out our exceptional customer service and discover if buying or leasing your next space is right for you.

Why The Office Advisors

Why you should chose the office advisors for your Atlanta commercial realeste needs. When searching around the Internet you will be able to find that there is a large amount of commercial real estate options out there. While you go to our website you can see right out the gate that we are different because we take a clean and easy approach to the leasing or buying aspect of your Atlanta commercial realestate needs.If you are looking around our website you can go to the team tab and see that we are very team focused. We have relationships with contractors, architects, attorneys and anyone that you might need in your search for your Atlanta commercial realestate.  

 We understand the importance of building a team. Just you as you do as a business owner. As an owner, when looking for your new space it is important to realize that it’s not just finding a space and moving in. There are many different aspects that go into effect before you actually move in and open for business. This is where we take the approach of gathering and understanding your needs before we go out and try to find that perfect location that fits your business. We start with a strategy session of your commercial real estate needs.

The next steep in what we do is to see if a team is necessary. Rarely do we suggest to just looking. We always think it’s necessary to discuss building a team. So we can be best prepared so you as the business owner can be set up for success before the opening day. 

We are Free to Tenants 

Best power part about using our service is a tenant rap is our services are free to you the tenant the landlord pays our fee which is already built into his commission structure and his pay for the space. So as a business owner it is the smallest decision to have someone in your corner like us in order to best get the best deal for you so you can save money in the long run and free up time so you can do what you do best as the owner and that’s run your business. 

Commercial Real Estate Services 

What type of commercial real estate services do we offer at the office advisers? We offer commercial tenant representation, which is we take the side of the tenant.

Tenant Representation

The tenant is any business owner that is leasing space from a landlord. The landlord has a  Landlord representative on his side. He protects the landlord’s interests which is ultimately his pocket book. The landlord rep is there are to make sure that whenever a businesses comes in it fits with the idea and overall big picture of the landlord’s business model. He is there to look out for all of the business interests and needs of the landlord. He or she is not there to give you the best deal, Their role is to get the best deal for the landlord.

This is why having a tenant representative in your corner is very vital to your business success. We’re there to protect your dollar and your needs. Our goal is to get the best deal possible for the business owner/tenant.  The landlord has someone in his corner protecting his money, you should have someone you’re in your corner protecting yours.

Commercial Listings

We also market commercial realestate assets. This can be for sale or for a lease. Our marketing strategy when we do this is very different then your typical commercial real estate company. What we do is we take a very technological approach. Offering professional photography ,drone footage and even video walk-through of your space. In order to give the perspective tenant or buyer the best possible picture before they ever even come to the property. Our advertising will actually put your property in front of the largest amount of audience. Rest assured we do this on multiple platforms in order to get the prospective buyer or tenant blown away in every aspect.

 Another Atlanta commercial realestate offering that we do is we also represent buyers by are sometimes are hard to buy or wraps and commercial real estate is also sometimes hard to come by that’s because landlord wraps or people who are selling buildings often want to keep the commission to themselves at the office advisers we advertise that we pay commissions when everybody wins it’s great for everyone keeping everything to yourself is never a good idea we will always advertise that we pay and pay this helps the landlord and the buyer now that we are mean business in this is a real deal.

Team Building

Business owners understand that it is important to have be surrounded by a good team, That is why we feel it is necessary to surround our clients with a great team. From the start you will realize that we can build a team for success. Our company has great relationships with industry professionals that will put you in the best possible place to win from the start.

Contact Us Today 

So if you are just looking to lease or buy or even sell give us a call today@4046612137 or visit our website Experienced Commercial Real estate brokers are there to answer your questions ,and always be of service for any of your come Atlanta commercial realestate needs.