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Are you looking for help with your Atlantic commercial realestate needs? Then look no further then

Our Process  

Here at The Office Advisors we can service any of your  Atlanta commercial realestate needs. We take pride in taking a step-by-step approach in order for our clients to have the smoothest, most transparent and most productive real estate transaction possible. Each of our advisors always take the time with their clients to assess their needs. This is so we can understand what kind of market and what kind of returns our clients can expect in their commercial real estate portfolio. 

What types of Commercial Real Estate Services do we Offer?

Whether you’re looking to lease commercial office space, purchase an office building, or a multifamily asset we can help you do that period. Commercial real estate can be a very tricky and arduous process. That is why you always need someone you’re a corner. The Office Advisors is here to help you can always reach us at 404-661-2137.

Investment Procurement

Are you an investor looking to buy a new property? There are many different types of commercial property assets that you can buy. Do you invest in industrial,  or office buildings, maybe your path is multifamily or even retail. in there is many other smaller type investment opportunities in the commercial real estate arena. We pride ourselves in being able to navigate the complexities of all of these assets in order to forget our clients in a in the best position possible that aligns with their portfolio needs.

Industrial Buyer Representation

 Looking to purchase industrial assets take a special understanding of the market. Lets be honest all investments do. With Atlanta constantly growing it is harder to find industrial inside the perimeter. This is why we don’t only service the metro Atlanta area for these, we will go anywhere in the state of Georgia. If you are looking outside the state we have many partners to ensure that you have the highest respected brokerages throughout the country in order to align with your needs.

Office Building Buyer Representation

 Are you considering buying a office building? When looking to purchase an office buildings it is always important to take an in- depth look at a buildings rent roll.  In Atlanta commercial realestate or any CRE it is all based off the amount of cash flow. We know this and we take pride in being able to analyze of the cash flow and rent rolls. This can help guide our clients to make sure that they are getting an optimal purchase. Helping our clients when purchasing a building that aligns with their goals and  cash flow objectives is what we do best.

Multifamily Buyer Representation

Multifamily assets can be a fun and exciting way to invest in commercial real estate. Here The Office Advisors we don’t cap you on  the amount of doors you are looking for. The size of the deal does not matter to us. We will do anything from 1 to 1000 units whatever it is that you need. Multi family apartments takes a special type of due diligence. Each client will be taken through our step-by-step approach and help assess the needs and possible pitfalls of an investment. This is to help you so you can made the best possible return for yourself.

Selling, Marketing Property

Possibly you were looking to sell your assets. We offer portfolio sales, as well as portfolio management. If you’re looking to sell your asset look no further. Great  pride comes in having the most up-to-date current technology in order to get your asset in front of the most possible buyers at any given point. Going above and beyond to ensure that our marketing is top notch and light years ahead of all the other competition.The best part about our marketing is there is no up front cost. Our Marketing team will handle all of the photos and postings. You as the owner gets to sit back and enjoy.

Why We help Buyers

Are you looking to buy Atlanta commercial realestate? We love commercial buyers. Unlike other brokers who shy away from them, or trying to keep them all to themselves. We make sure that we use every possible path in order to find you the building you were looking for. Our team loves finding the property that excites the buyer.

Our Approach

Phase 1

Phase 1 for Atlanta commercial realestate needs starts with you the client. When we first sit down to assess all your needs we talk through you goals. From there we plan out a strategy. The strategy portion we go through this together in order to make sure at we are both aligned. This is in order to achieve our optimal outcome. After the strategy session we then start compiling a site list. A site list is all of the possible Atlanta commercial realestate buildings or assets you might be looking for. 

Phase 2

Phase 2 is once we have compiled a sight list. You then go through the list and pick out a few options that you would like to view. This is when the fun begins we start going out on site tours. Taking you to all the commercial realestate spots that you have picked out and start assessing if they are actually what they have advertised.

Once the tours have completed in you have picked out your next purchase the work begins the due diligence starts and you and your team will be diving into the numbers and raw terms of the deal. Negotiations and letters of intents start flying back-and-forth and we move into phase 3.

Phase 3

Fear not on the negotiating aspects. Our expert brokers have many years of experience in negotiating in the Atlanta commercial realestate realm. We understand how these landlords think and how their brokers think. Experience leads us to believe that as long as all sides are close to happy it is gonna be a win. Of course we know that this is not going to happen especially 100% the time ,but we always go for the best outcome for our clients not just for the commission.

Contact Today

So if you are looking to start your investment portfolio or  are an experience investor, look no further than The Office Advisors we are here to help and we can always be reached at 4046612137 or by visiting our website at You can fill out a form and then one of our trusted brokers will contact you in order to help asses your needs.  Having us in your corner is the best possible decision. Trying to reaching your goals as a business or investor we will take the very time consuming task of searching and analyzing properties. Which will free you up in order for you to run your business so don’t waste any time. contact us today.