Atlanta Commercial Realestate – How it affects you


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It does not matter where you are. Most people are certain to run into commercial realestate and you might not even know it what is. Commercial real estate is any building or land that is built in order to turn a pot profit. This can be from capital gains, cash flow, rental income, really it is anything that is intended to turn a profit. This includes even multi family housing, farmland warehouses, auto garages, hotels, malls, retail stores, office buildings and medical centers. All these pieces of real estate are intended to make money. From that for the owner the real estate of other businesses that operate within their confines. 

Everyday Types of Commercial Real Estate

I’m sure every single day people are dealing with commercial real estate assets and they don’t even realize it. Commercial real estate is a business. What many people do not realize is that someone who owns a building this is their business. Just owning the building is a way of generating income through the tenants who leased the space from the owner. The tenants then in turn pays a rental ammount which is the cash that comes into the landlord. A landlord runs all of his operations like a business of this is intended for profit. A building owner does not lease space out of  good will of his heart. Profit this is what makes it commercial realestate.


Multi family properties are also commercial realestate. Multifamily is apartments or townhouses. This is because they are built on the same model as an office building ,but with people actually living in there instead of working. The renters then pay their lease which in turn turns a profit for the  apartment or townhouse complex owner.


Office parks are another type of commercial realestate. Traditional office buildings or office parks house many different types of businesses. In the buildings or parks there can be industrial or general office use or even medical. All of these businesses pay the landlord so he can make money.

Retail or Strip Center

Strip centers is something that many of us are familiar with. We know that there are many different kinds of retail in these locations. There are also many styles of retail options for tenants and consumers. Traditional malls is what many of us grew up going to as well as grocery store anchored strip centers. Strip center are called this because of the way the retail center is built. it is generally in a line or strip with stores facing outward to the public. Many office buildings have retail on the main floor. These can be coffee shops, restaurants as well as general good like clothing.

What is Industrial?

 Industrial is another type of commercial realestate that many people don’t even think about. Industrial is what runs the heartbeat of the American consumer market. This is how all of our food gets stored and shipped. Every Amazon goods that is will be ordered is stored and a massive industrial complex or center. These goods are then transported out to the consumer or other businesses throughout the country. Industrial centers are typically located on the outskirts of major cities or by highways for the quick transport through trucks, planes to even railway system. Here in the Atlanta area we are very rail prominent from our foundation of a city. We have many of the railways located around our industrial centers. Even though in recent times these areas are now being gentrified and being redeveloped into urban use projects.

Real Estate Development

Development is when either a piece of raw land or an existing building is torn down or redesigned. A current trend you might be familiar with is old industrial buildings redeveloped for urban development projects. They take then add retail, office and living. Or can be developed for just a retail center, food Hall ball something of those sorts. You might be familiar with a redeveloped factory building into strictly residential type living situation. This is where there is an old industrial building that is turned into a loft style space or into an office style with a urban feel.

 There’s also the ground up development which type people typically think of. You take a a piece of raw land an then developed it into neighborhoods.  Building a neighborhood is also part of the commercial real estate designation because these are built in order to turn a profit.

Is A Hospital Commercial Real Estate?

Medical centers or Hospitals are another type of  Atlanta commercial real estate that is very prominent here. We have many large corporations such as Piedmont Health, Navicent, Northeast Georgia medical as well as many others. Many people do not realize that these large medical complexes are built to create to turn a profit for the owners and investors of these buildings. Hospitals don’t only make their money from treating patients, but also leasing out space to other type of medical practices in order to generate cash flow from their large office. Cash is generated for the hospitals even through the parking decks that are surrounding or part of their complexes. They even charge for you to park there at the hospital because they know they can make money off of you. Just parking at a hospital is a business model because you have to be there.

We Can Help

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