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A corner when searching for your Atlanta commercial real estate property is like having a bodyguard. This is because a broker can help you and protect your rights and money. At The Office Advisors are commercial real estate brokers who are here to guide you through the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate process. We’re going to share that throughout your transaction we will be looking out for your best interest. Many other Brokers see you just as another transaction. We are your secret weapon. (404) 594-3028


 Now if you’ve never worked with an Atlanta commercial real estate broker before your dinner in for a treat. The Office Advisors are known for working with clients and bringing the energy. I’m sure that you were like many others and will love working with our brokers. Also we are the most knowledgeable in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Field. There many different types of service areas that we offer, but we can rest assured that you will be happy with working with us.


 Furthermore having a broker in your corner protects money. This is because having someone that has industry knowledge and knows the ins and outs of the Atlanta commercial real estate market. A broker’s very beneficial because this can save you money and time with stuff that you might not have been aware of.  A broker’s they are to help guard your interest. Our Brokers make sure that your interests are protected at every turn of the commercial transaction.


Time Saving services


 Moreover The Office Advisors broker can save you time. This is because we have industry technology. This technology allows us to search quickly and efficiently through countless Atlanta commercial real estate properties. We use this technology to our benefit to help save you time and narrow down the right property for whatever you were using. This goes for if you were trying to lease a building or even purchase one.


Now working with a broker to give you access to properties that might have been on the market. This is because we have relationships with many other Brokers as well as many other investors throughout the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate area. Quicken service all the Metro Atlanta areas as well as out in the Boondocks as well. We have relationships that can bring you off work and properties which is typically the best way to buy.


Have someone protecting you


 Again working with an Atlanta commercial real estate broker is what we always suggest. The Office Advisors are here to protect you and help you with whatever your commercial real estate needs. Even if you do not choose to work with us we always suggest that you work with a trusted Atlanta Commercial Real Estate adviser. This is because commercial real estate has a lot of moving parts. There’s a lot of confusing terminology in a lot of money that goes into it. This is why you should always have someone in your corner protecting your interest.


When you work with one of our advisors we can begin to help you from the start. This is because we always take the time to understand your needs. You may have never work with an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Broker in the past, but you will love working with us. Also we are very easy to get in contact with. We make this simple and all you have to do is visit our website. You can go to our home page and there is a forum on the right hand side of the page that all you need to do is fill out. One of our Brokers will contact you at the fastest possible time. Even if you do not know why you were here on our website you can fill out the form and we can answer any questions.


What we can Offer


 Now working with The Office Advisors we could offer an abundance of services for you. This is because we are dressed in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Field. We can list your property for sale as well as for lease. The landlord web services are some of the best and well knowledgeable. The Atlanta commercial real estate market has a lot of landlord reps but you can rest assured that the office advises the best.


 Furthermore we could help you find the right Atlanta commercial real estate property for you to use. We know the Atlanta office Market well. Secondly, we know the Atlanta commercial real estate office market for medicine. We specialize in medical and have held many practices to find the right location to set up. This is because we have industry knowledge and understand what it takes to get the job done when it comes to a medical office.


 Also The Office Advisors can also help in any type of leasing. This goes for retail as well as Industrial in your typical office Leasing. We understand what it’s like to be an entrepreneur or even a large company. This is why we can help in any type of business of matter the size. We do not shy away from small jobs, and we love taking on the big projects. No matter what your Atlanta commercial real estate office uses. The Office Advisors are the number one in helping our clients find the right space.


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 Contact us


We make it very simple to contact us at our website All you have to do is fill out one of the forms on two pages and we will get with you Timely. I’ll Brokers are a joy to work with and I’m sure you will understand this from the onset.




Our vice president of commercial operations Reid Moore and held a mastermind meeting weekly. This is via Zoom content that is uploaded to YouTube. If you are a business owner or interested in business you should check it out. It is a panel that holds weekly meetings that doesn’t talk only about Atlanta Commercial Real Estate but all the other business aspects.


 Residential real estate


No matter what type of residential or Commercial Services you need we can help. Sellect Realty is the parent of The Office Advisors. They have been a trusted source for residential real estate in the Marietta for years. So no matter what your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate or Atlanta residential needs are, we can help.(404) 594-3028