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Finding The Right Brokerage


If you were trying to search for the right Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage to work at that then you found the right one. The Office Advisors is your number one choice for all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. Especially if you are in the market to transfer and advance Your career. Working here will change not only you, but your bank account. 


 Now The Office Advisors is an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage unlike any other. We pride ourselves on sticking to our values and helping our customers. The number one problem we saw in the market for brokerages is client service. So if you were working here at The Office Advisors you can rest assured that you are a top player. Customer service in the Atlanta commercial real estate market has been a dwindling experience.  Traditionally speaking  the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Community has been deceptive.


 However there have also even been books written about the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage. These books are shown in the light that there are maybe Ben unsavory characters and or actions done in the past. When working with The Office Advisors we are the driving force on changing the perception of how business is done.404-594-3028


Our Core Values

 Furthermore the core values of The Office Advisors is what we stand on. Having a great Foundation is what will continually Drive our company forward. Typical Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage has maybe said they have core values. However in our experience we have seen that they don’t typically follow them. This is not the case at The Office Advisors.


Now we constantly strive to stay on task when we hire a new broker. They must exclude all of our core values and stick to them at every time. Our core values start with high energy. A broker must constantly have high energy when dealing with their clients. They must also have high energy when dealing with a landlord. Broker, owner or potential client. Texas because having high energy creates a conducive work relationship. No one likes working with someone who is lethargic. 


Secondly “on time” it’s part of our core value structure. When you are late or don’t show up at all it shows that you do not value that person. If you do not value that person’s time and then you show no respect to them. We are dealing with wealthy individuals who have worked hard for the assets they have obtained. Therefore it is imperative to show Respect by always being early rather than late. If you show up early you are on time. If you show up on time to an appointment and then that you are late. And it does not show well to potential clients.


Thirdly, productivity is our favorite one. This is because without being productive you are not making any money. Moreover, you are a business in yourself. being a business in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate means you have to be productive in order to survive. The week does not survive the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Gauntlet. Therefore you must be constantly striving to create more business not only for the offset by this, before yourself. surely you will be quickly fired if you are not a productive broker. We are striving to become the number one Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. So not producing will not be tolerated.


 Finally, all of our Brokers must exude a passion for personal development. A stagnant person who is not looking for growth is not going to fit in. Our leadership team is constantly trying to better themselves in order to help our Brokers out. As an individual you must be a productive person in society. Therefore a lackluster attitude will not be tolerated. You will most likely not even make it through the firing process anyway. You can typically tell when someone is not looking for personal growth.


Our System 


Subsequently The Office Advisors are changing out. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is done. When you are working with a broker somewhere else if they do their own thing. This is not the case when you are working at The Office Advisors. We put you in a system that is proven for Success. That way your clients and customers will get to experience how large or small they are. Creating a system for success as what we have done. If you want to join The Office Advisors and become Atlanta’s number one real estate brokerage.


Now you might think that you have a system already in place. Well if you’re looking for a new brokerage, your system obviously is not working. So trust in or is it and it will become successful. We want to make all of our Brokers the most successful competitions in all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. So get away from your terrible routine and join a winning team.


Give Me The Leads!


Furthermore when you are hired at a traditional in a commercial real estate brokerage they throw you to the wolves. Generally speaking they do nothing in order to help generate business for you. You hang your license, they give you a phone number and co-star access.  now what? You may be wondering okay how old am I going to be successful here when they have shown zero interest in helping me. The Office Advisors is different.  We do not want to see our Brokers go hungry. Constantly doing marketing campaigns in order to funnel leads in is what we do as well. So if you wanted help in growing your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage career, join our team. I see you are probably screaming at the screen now saying, “give me the leads!”


What We are Looking for 

 Now, not every broker is going to fit our mold. We’re looking for a players-only that exude all of our core values. You must be comfortable and ready to work. Experience is not a must but it is greatly favored. We are not here to coach you in real estate or encourage you and how to be a better salesperson and generate more income.  So if you feel like you would be great in here than you should contact us and not wait any longer. You’re ready to jump start a new career in Atlanta Real estate And are a go-getter. The Office Advisors will be the right home for you. 

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We Would Love To Hear From You


Now there is no other reason not to contact us. So if you were thinking about a change in your traditional and a commercial real estate brokerage, then visit our website. You can fill out a form  and our vice president will get back to you. Having a career at The Office Advisors is going to advance you greater than you ever thought in all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate.



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The Office Advisors is a subsidiary of Sellect Realty of Georgia. A trusted name in all things residential real estate for years. 404-594-3028