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Hiring the firm

You are searching for the best commercial real estate company in Atlanta than your luck. The Office Advisors are the premier Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. We take the time to assess the needs of each and every client. From the onset of your initial consultation you will feel at home. Our Brokers are trained on customer service and all aspects of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. So when you’re poking around the world wide web site. From there you can get in contact with us easily.


 However not all Atlanta commercial real estate companies are the same. When looking through the countless number of brokerages it is important to keep some things of mine. First you want to make sure that you and your broker are aligned. As well as they specialize in the area of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs. When working with The Office Advisors you will feel at home. Making sure that all of our clients know that we had their best interest in mind. If you were a tenant we never charged a fee, and if you are a landlord we take the best care. As well as Market better than anyone else in the industry.


The old ways of doing things in Atlanta commercial real estate is dying. Read more about how we need to shake the old image on this biznow article 


 Now trying to find a Atlanta Commercial Real Estate company to work with maybe a Troublesome. With so many options it is hard to narrow it down. We make it easy for you. Suggesting that you check out our Google reviews from customers and clients just like you. As well as our website with other testimonials and insides to the services we offer. So there is no time to weigh that just go and check us out to begin your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate journey.


Why Work With Us

furthermore you might be asking yourself what makes the opposite visor specials. Well when you hire us you will realize that we are completely different from our competitors. Starting off at the fact that all of our Brokers are trained on a system and approach. We want to keep everything as uniform as possible when it comes to the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate process. Unlike our competitors each broker is left to his own devices.


 However this is not the case where working with Us each broker is trained on a systematic approach to ensure our clients get the same experience each time. This allows for extreme Ways and nailing our service. When everyone is doing the same thing we can find pain points and ways to make the customer experience better. As well as create the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate team as possible.


Perks of Hiring Our Brokers

Furthermore, when working with The Office Advisors for your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate the amount of Innocence is enumerated. Bring up your time so you can focus on your business as one of our main things. As well as access to properties that the non-industry professional ass. You will hear many other competing firms talk about their off  Market properties.  Generally speaking, what this means is that they will call buildings that they have not seen marketed by a competitor. As a rule of thumb, most brokers do not have a massive amount of all Market properties in their pockets.

However, when working with The Office Advisors we will find you the best deal possible that needs or exceeds needs. Also have been countless hours negotiating different types of property assets. However, you may be a great negotiator as well. We never force her clients to make a move that they do not feel comfortable with. However, we are here to provide the most information possible in order for you to make the ultimate decision. When working with The Office Advisors on your Atlanta commercial real estate property you can trust that we have your best interest at heart.


I can save money if I do it alone

You might be saying to yourself that  If you negotiate a loan with no representation you will save money. However, this is not the case generally speaking. A landlord has a cost of doing business and they typically are already billed in commission. This property owner will have an Atlanta commercial real estate broker representing his interest. So it just makes good business sense for you to have one as well. However, this property owner already has the commission structures built-in into the building. So when you go out and alone you’re actually increasing the price and the broker gets the entire Commission. When hiring  The Office Advisors for your Atlanta commercial real estate transaction you will save money in it and also protect your interest.


Leaving Money

Forever when negotiating by yourself you might not know about some industry and submarket criteria that are available to you. When I’m speaking about the fact that the landlord will offer some Android you as a tenant. They want you to build out space and be successful. So they will give you some type of rebate on the cost of building outdoor space to your needs. If you are not aware of the rates for the amount typically given you can have money that was left on the table. When working with The Office Advisors we can negotiate harder than anyone else and we’ll get you the most money possible. We are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts for a reason.

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Now there’s no reason that you should not be year reaching for the phone or heading to our website right now. The Office Advisors are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate experts and we want you to business. We can help you find anywhere from 500 square feet to 50,000. No matter the size of your building or company we can assist you. Firstly, our website and fill out a contact us form. We also have a live chat button so you can talk directly with one of our Brokers. They are standing by in order to assist you with any of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate questions. There’s no excuse for waiting any longer to begin your journey. Check us out or call us today. 404-594-3028


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Sellect Realty is the Office Advisors parent organization. We proudly hang our licenses under this brand. A trusted name in real estate for years. No matter what type of Atlanta commercial or residential transaction is done. We can assist. 404-594-3028