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A Lawyer to go over your Lease

Unfortunately in these times many of you may have found yourself on the wrong end of a lease term. In the Atlanta commercial real estate market we have seen an uptick in subleases and the problems that go with them. Thing you have to understand is that a lease is a legal document. Having an attorney review the lease before you ever sign it is probably the best practice. We at The Office Advisors always suggest that our clients hire an attorney to look at a lease before they sign it.Now if you need any help finding a real estate attorney The Office Advisors can help just call us at 404-594-3028. 


The Office Advisors is not licensed in law, we are a real estate firm. However we can make recommendations on your lease terms. This is also what we do best as part of the negotiating face. When you go through the leasing process after you’ve located some Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space for rent negotiation start. The Office Advisors are premier negotiating experts and all of your commercial needs.


Understand what You are Singing


 Now what are the things that you need to understand is that a lease is a legal document. This means that you were liable for whatever is outlined in the form.  While a lease is legal you should not be scared. Having a good real estate attorney on your side can save a lot of headache down the road. We understand as a small business that hiring in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Attorney might seem expensive at first. However you would rather have one up front and then try and hire one when you need them.


 Furthermore we have seen many business owners come to us after the fact. Atlanta commercial real estate market leases very widely.  You might not think that you are liable for something just because the landlord Told You So in a conversation. This is something that we’ve heard way too many times. Moreover they are now on the hook for something they were not expecting. One story that I like to talk about is when a individual thought that all he had to do was pay his rent and utilities. This was in a large Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space. In the Heat of summer the air conditioning broke. Thinking that the landlord was responsible for this the client inform the landlord of the problem. 


A Scary Example to Learn from


 However what ended up happening was that the tenant was now responsible for a $25,000 air conditioning unit. That is a lot of cash especially when you were a new business, or a small business. Taking your landlord at his word is not the smartest decision. They are in the job of making money and not spending it. So if our unlucky tenant would have hired an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Attorney upfront he would not have to pay $25,000.


Now this may seem like an extreme case to you, but unfortunately this is all too often in the Atlanta commercial real estate market. This is not yours and the Atlanta area, but throughout the country as well. You must understand everything that you’re reliable and responsible for before signing a lease. No one wants to be stuck with a tens of thousands of dollars bill unexpectedly. Make sure you hire a trust attorney and if you do not have one The Office Advisors can help you find one.


Lawyers Help with Your Liability


 Moreover attorneys besides just making sure that you are not liable for any hidden charges can help save you money up front. They do this by carefully reading the lease terms and dissecting the cost. One of the ways that we have seen attorney safe cost is on insurance liabilities. depending upon your business this can save you a lot of money. If you do not have a high nuisance space then your insurance should be lower. Especially if you are running at a low capacity of employees.


 Furthermore no matter what you were doing in the Atlanta commercial real estate market representation is key. This goes even for the brokerage side of your lease. When trying to locate and then negotiate for a space it is important to have an Atlanta commercial real estate broker on your side. We understand that many business owners do not even know that the service exists. A tenant representation broker will watch out for your needs and make sure that you were not taken advantage of by a landlord. The Office Advisors will never charge our tenant representation clients Fee.  That is correct, we are free to our tenants.


Always Have Representation


 Now even if you do not choose to work with us we always suggest that having a broker on your side is important. The Office Advisors are number one in Atlanta for a reason. However the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage landscape is vast. You have many options to choose from, but be aware that some may cost you more than you think. Is important to understand what you will be paying for when hiring a brokerage.


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