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Are dealt with a certain Brokerage in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate? what were they like? Where are they personable, where are they timely in the responses? Many of you have had negative experiences with any type of real estate brokers. This is because not everyone views their clients the same. We at The Office Advisors do our clients as friends and family.We have been entrusted in the Atlanta commercial real estate market since our founding.(404) 594-3028


 How many you may have not ever had a commercial real estate transaction. Much less in Atlanta commercial real estate transactions. What we can tell you is that no two transactions are the same. this is true in all aspects of a transaction. It can be on a buy-sell or even a lease deal. While deals may appear similar on the surface, we can assure you that when it gets down to it they are not the same.


The Brokers at The Office Advisors will be able to help navigate through any type of Atlanta commercial real estate transaction. This is because we are all licensed with the state of Georgia and experienced in commercial real estate. When searching around the world wide web website. From there you can use the form on the right inside the page or on the contact us tab. One of our Brokers will reach out to you if you fill this out. Don’t worry it is free and there’s no obligation to work with us.


Guiding through the process


 Furthermore we always suggest that you use a license realtor when searching for Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. This is because there is industry language and risk that goes into non industry Byers. Georgia is a buyer beware state and not doing your due diligence can end up costing you in the long run. Our Brokers will help guide you through the load locating of a site to the closing of a deal. We will assist with all of your due diligence needs.


 Along with due diligence we have all the industry Partners on our side. Having relationships with the other industry partners that accompany you during your  due diligence is key for success. This is why we only partner with the most respected and highly qualified companies. We want to ensure success and accuracy for our client. When going through a due diligence process on purchasing or even leasing a building is important to know every aspect of the deal. Your broker can help you navigate this.


Do I really need a broker?


Now some of you might be saying why would I need representation. You might think that you were the best negotiator out there. This may be true for you. However negotiating is not all we do. The Office Advisors have a wide array of Technology at our disposal as well as Insider industry knowledge. This knowledge and software can save you time and money which is what everyone loves. We are able to locate off-market properties that you otherwise might not have been exposed to. This can save an investor a lot of money when trying to purchase a property. Knowing the Atlanta commercial real estate market is important to always have off-market deals for our clients.


 Again on saving time and is always important to save our clients time. This is why we take the bird some tasks searching through all the Atlanta commercial real estate properties that fit your needs. We free up our clients to do what they do best. And that typically runs their business.  As a business owner or investor, you need to make sure that your properties are running smoothly. The last thing you need to do is be searching all day for the next investment. Or location for your business to operate on.


Experienced Commercial Brokers

No matter what your need for Atlanta Commercial Real Estate usage The Office Advisors are here now. We have experience in office leasing, subleasing as well as marketing properties. We use the most advanced technology in the best photography to highlight your commercial space. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is a very competitive market. This is why are Brokers always use every tool available to them. What are properties to stand out in order to get our clients the best price at the fastest rate possible.


 If you are still not certain that you would like representation or even work with us then visit our website. Go to and start clicking around. We suggest going to the contact us page and reading about the quick facts. This might answer some of your questions on cost and importance as well as mother definitions you may not be familiar with.You should click on the why representation Tab and read on the benefits to having a broker in your corner. We look out for your interest because the other side will not. We treat your money as our own so that you can come out on top in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate game.


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The office advisor here for any of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs. We are standing by ready to answer any of your needs. We can even go through an assessment for Georgia Atlanta Commercial Real Estate usage. This of course is a free and no obligation to work with us consultation. We do suggest that you have representation even if you do not go with us. The Atlanta Commercial Real Estate game is tough and fraught with land mines. We always suggest that you do not go out alone.


 If you are a business owner and especially in the Atlanta area you should check out our YouTube channel.  our vice president of commercial operations holds a weekly Mastermind meeting. In these Mastermind meetings he has guests that are Atlanta business owners and Industry leaders from different fields. They discuss how to adapt to the ever-changing market in the business environment that we are facing today.


Our residential sister 


 Now if you need help with any type of residential real estate and visit our sister brokerage. Sellect Realty has been trusted in the Marietta market for years. If you are a non English-speaking resident we also have multilingual functions on the website as well. No matter what your real estate needs in the Atlanta commercial real estate market or residential Market we can help.(404) 594-3028