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Purchasing a CRE Asset


During these current times you may be wanting to look at commercial real estate in the Atlanta area as a viable investment. We are seeing an uptick curly and investors in the Atlanta commercial real estate market. If you have never bought and owned in Atlanta commercial real estate property and Now’s the Time to start looking at the options. The Office Advisors can assist in the purchase and sell of any of your Atlanta commercial real estate properties. Reach us at 404-594-3028


Now when searching for the right real estate company to work with is important to do your research. We suggest when searching Around the World Wide Web that you visit our Google business page. Just type in The Office Advisors to a Google search bar to find us. You can find all reviews from customers and clients just like you. If that does not convince you that you should be working with us then maybe a call will. 


What The Different Types Are


However understanding the different asset classes there are in the Atlanta commercial real estate market is important to your success in investing. There are many different ways to put your money to work in commercial real estate. Likewise there are many different asset classes. We will just be discussing the Big 3 today.


 Generally when discussing Atlanta Commercial Real Estate assets people talk about three distinct classes. The different types of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is multifamily, Industrial and office. baby very familiar with these asset classes. However understanding what goes into it and how the businesses that lease from them operate is important to reach your investment goals. Likewise for any type of investment it is important to understand the risks before placing money down.


What we are seeing trending in Apartments


Now how many investors for years have gravitated towards the multifamily otherwise known as apartment Atlanta Commercial Real Estate class. This is because there has been a trend in renters versus buyers for the past two decades in America. Especially in the Atlanta Metro Market. With Millennials and other generations opting to rent after the  economic recession of the early 2000s. With the housing crash many people had no other option than to rent in the multifamily sector. Furthermore this created a boom in new construction in apartments.


 However currently we are seeing sub popular trends of the past few years starting to turn. Major investors were generally going for value-add multifamily assets.  during the past couple of years trend of buying lower class Apartments then increasing the amenities and appearance 2 get a higher rent. Now with a pandemic and lockdowns Across the Nation that trend is shifting. The past month’s apartment closings and multifamily investment sales on more stabilized assets. This means investors are nervous about spending the extra money on trying to create higher rents in markets and instead opt for something that is a proven model.


The Industrial Investment Outlook


No fun the topic of industrial Investments many are saying that this is a gold market.  Here at the office advisors we have had calls about industrial assets. Not only from the typical listing side but from the purchase side as well. With strong numbers for the industrial landscape and leasing coming out recently. the investors that were sitting on the sidelines are starting to call.  the Brokers are here at the office advisors are experts in finding the right Industrial class for your needs.


 However with many businesses going bankrupt and shutting down during the pandemic it is going to be interesting to see how the industrial landscape plays out. Major attacks in the detriment of delivery services I’ve created a need for more warehouse space. However on the flipside there has been a major supply chain issue. This has created the downturned in companies. Likewise Amazon is growing and so are other subsidiaries with delivery service. The need for large storage and distribution centers is growing by the day.

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The Office Market


 Starting off with the pandemic mini saw this as an office crisis. According to CoStar data the office advisors data is well we saw that many tenants actually paid their leases. Over 90% paid in the past month which is better than the original Outlook. The Atlanta commercial real estate market has many different office sectors to choose from. However here in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate area we are still building new office developments. The office advisors have been talking with a few developers on the fact that we are going to most likely be at a surplus of space.


 Subsequently this means that the demand will not meet at the supply. First this wall creates a negative rate drop. The assets will not be making as much money as I hoped and therefore creating a slight downturn. The Atlanta commercial real estate market is still in much need of Office Space at the moment. However many feel that we are going to be at an oversupply very quickly. The office advisors are here to get you in the right space at the right time so visit our website today to learn more.


Having a Representative


Furthermore having a broker on your side and in Atlanta commercial real estate transactions helps you succeed. Here at The Office Advisors we understand that every investor has different needs and goals. Our Brokers will sit down with you to assess your needs and wants for your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Investment. The opportunity to talk about the situations and goals of your investment is what we do best. Also we can save you time and money so you can free out to do whatever you do best.


 Now having industry knowledge on your side can also save you money in the long run. The office advisors expert brokers in the Atlanta commercial real estate market will help you assess your property before making a financial decision. Your success is our success so we will never encourage you to buy something that we would personally not purchase.


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 Our clients are the reason we do this Atlanta Commercial Real Estate business. If you want to talk more or learn about our other opportunities in investment contact us today. We can easily be reached on our website or via phone. Call us today at 404-594-3028.


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 The Thrive time show podcast is a business podcast where our vice president of commercial operations Reid Moore was interviewed. Check it out if you want to learn more about the tenant representation side of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate.


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