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Do I Hire a Realtor?


If you’re looking to get into the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate arena for investors can contact The Office Advisors. Trying to find the right location to purchase may take some skill.  Many people wonder if they should hire a license broker when searching for Atlanta Commercial Real Estate assets. Depending on your experience and time freedom I would always say yes. However there are some individuals that have been doing the game long enough so they don’t necessarily need a license realtor. We always suggest that you hire a broker even if it’s not us. You can check out our website to learn more about the services we offer at The Office Or contact us here. 404-594-3028


  Now there are many different advantages to having a broker on your side. Especially when searching through the countless number of listings in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. Having a broker on your side typically means they pay for a listing website access. On these industry websites there are more listings than generally shown. This is because has ten times more listings than shown on with  Having a broker doesn’t only allow you access to more potential deals from online. Furthermore they can generally save you time and money.


Moreover generally the listing party has a broker on their side. They have a broker looking out for their interest in money. So it just makes good business sense that you have someone on your side as well. Here at The Office Advisors we are a full-service brokerage. However if you are an experienced member of the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Community we can offer it just subsidiary Services if needed.


Are residential and commercial agents the same?


 Now many of you are wondering if my friend’s sister is a real estate agent. Is this a good idea? If you are trying to buy an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset we suggest you use a professional. This is not saying that residential agents are not professional. There is just a major difference when dealing with these different types of assets. The only are the class of buildings and size different to people as well. Generally speaking the way the transactions happen are different as well as the temperaments.


 However from our experience it is better to have someone who knows the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate industry. General realtor that does residential real estate will not have the tools or industry knowledge to put you at an advantage. The Office Advisors are your number one source for all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. Not only are we industry professionals we are efficiency experts. So when you work with us you will get a transaction that is a step-by-step process and smooth. We make sure that we get the right property for you in the most timely manner possible. It’s so contact us today. 


Finding the Right Location


Now when you are searching on the right market for your asset make sure you understand the variables. Everyone knows the old saying in real estate about location location location. However are many other variables than just where it is located. The Office Advisors will help guide you through the many different submarkets we have to offer. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate has many different types of work as with many different classes of assets.


 Furthermore determining not only what can help determine where. This is because the way Atlanta is set up we have Industries and businesses alike. Generally speaking their / submarket as into wide ass at classes are round. Make sure you have The Office Advisors on your side when searching so you can find the perfect spot. We will help you locate and nail down the facts about your Atlanta commercial real estate market. 


Moreover, not only does the Atlanta commercial real estate market have many different variables such as traffic and time of need. You have to think about the variables when purchasing your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset. This could mean the boom or bust of a company that is potentially leasing it. You want to make sure that the future tenant will be successful so you can have a steady flow of income. Understanding what the potential tenants will be looking for it’s where your advisor can help. 


What type of CRE are you Getting into?


Lastly just the power type of Atlanta commercial real estate property can help determine. Many people like to search for an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset near me. They look for sale near me locations as well as somewhere that is close to him. This is because most people do not want to travel to have to deal with a rental property if they are managing themselves. So first determining what type of investment you are buying.


 Understanding if you were wanting to purchase a multi-family property you want to be in a strong rental market. Industrial acids require certain types of zoning and typically Interstate access. You want to make sure that your potential clients will have access to Freight most of the time. If you are looking for general office purchases then you want to make sure that you understand the income levels of the area. You want to see a good traffic flow as well as easements for potential parking and tenancy. 


However when you ever work with The Office Advisors we will be your Guiding Light. No Matter What type of Atlanta commercial real estate investment class you were going into. We want to help you and will give you as much information as possible the goal of The Office Advisors is to create a client Focus model to help you the user. This is because commercial real estate has been slow and is generally not friendly. So working with The Office Advisors you will get the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts.


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