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A firm with the Knowledge

 If you’re like each other’s first time investors trying to find a firm to work with can be daunting. However The Office Advisors is your number one choice for all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. We are a company that has the correct knowledge. staying on top of Industry Trends as well as future outlook. The broker’s add The Office Advisors Atlanta Commercial Real Estate experts. Having us on your side it’s just another tool in your toolbox.


 Now if you never worked with a brokerage firm before then you’re locked. A broker’s they are to help you be successful in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. The Office Advisors will not only search for potential properties, but help in negotiations as well. We are here to provide you with as much information as possible. The decision is ultimately yours on whether to purchase a building. However we try to give you as much information and guidance as we can. Don’t try to work with a big firm and get lost in the mix. Unless you are a major Institutional Investor they typically do not want to deal with you.


 Moreover at The Office Advisors there is no transaction too small. We love helping the little guy, because no other large firms will. The Atlanta commercial real estate market has many other brokerages to choose from. This is especially true if you are a small-time investor. Unfortunately you will be stock working with a residential company. Even though these are license individuals they do not have the industry tools or knowledge you need to be successful. Working with The Office Advisors means you have a dedicated staff that is all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. So before you try to buy your first investment property give us a call.


Getting your money in order

 Firstly knowing how much are going to spend is key. With money being so cheap nowadays it is important to understand the benefits and risk of Leverage. Having a loan on a property is a smart choice right now. Especially as I said money is cheap. Lenders are willing to give great rates with minimal down payment. Even with the current crisis we are facing lenders are optimistic.


 Having a good product first will help ease a lender’s fears. Also if you have a representative when trying to purchase Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. A lender likes to see that the due diligence has been done. Meaning you would not just be some guy chasing a dream. If you have a representative on your side it helps put them at ease. Making a lender feel like you were doing the work necessary. They want to see the building or piece of property you purchase is going to make a profit. The Office Advisors can help you assess the property as well as run numbers. Setting you up for better success from the start. The mortgage company will like to see how the property will cash flow positively.


Knowing which Product to go After

Secondly there are many choices of asset classes in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. However not all of them are safe bets. Remembering the fact that an investment is a risk. You must always strive to do as much due diligence as possible. Go after something that you understand first. It is always easier to start in an asset class that you understand. Especially when you are a first-time investor. The Office Advisors are experts and all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. So no matter what asset or product to you or trying to obtain we can help. Doing your due diligence will help with everyone at ease as well.


Focusing on Submarkets

Now that you have chosen which product class to purchase, then you need to focus on what part of town. There are of course always hot areas depending on the industry class. Here in the Atlanta commercial real estate market we have a plethora to choose from. Go after an area that is not too crowded. Thinking ahead on where the next possible locations for a hot industry product will be. Look at something that is on the outskirts of the general submarket. These are all great tips on how to find the next location. Lenders like to see  cash flow positive products. So as long as you have tenants that are paying they are willing to give you money.


 Furthermore narrowing your focus down by location can help. There are many products out there and can be overwhelming. At times some of our clients feel like there’s too many products to look through.  That is where we Excel the most. Being Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts. D Brokers at The Office Advisors will help you sift through all the noise. Making sure we drill down on the right type of building for you. Not only by location, but as cash flow positive as well.


What Product is Hot


Now if you’ve been reading the news recently you’ll know that industrial is a quickly moving product. During the pandemic mini first time people started ordering online. With Baby Boomers who were not typically ordering groceries online have now started. Creating a rise in the need for distribution centers. We have seen not only grocery distribution centers, but many e-commerce retailers as well. The large need for industrial type  buildings has risen. The Atlanta commercial real estate market has many different Highway systems coming in and out. Fortunately we have land and many great industrial availabilities. However these are quickly running out as developers are running to build.


Do you follow the Crowd

So the major question always is do you do what everyone else does? Now knowing that Industrials hot and seems to be moving and engraving direction is that what you do? I’m sure you’re asking but yourself the same question. Do I invest in industry? As we said at the beginning it is best to go after an asset that you understand. Maybe starting small and something like an office building. Not meaning a high-rise, but a small duplex type. These are plentiful and Suburban markets. As we see a rise in people working from home. The Office Advisors believes this is a great asset class to purchase. Do not take our word for it let’s do the research together. According to an Article by Morning Brew, REI is closing its corporate campus. They just built this campus. A massive company that has two headquarters is selling off their offices. This is just one of many examples as to why we believe a small office is the way to go. 


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