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If you have never worked with an Atlanta commercial real estate company before, then you are in luck. The Office Advisors are changing how brokerage is done. Not only for the consumer but for how the broker is working as well. We are constantly striving to create a new path for Atlanta commercial real estate. However, the old guard is still holding strong. So if you are looking for the most advanced firm in Atlanta commercial real estate, then look no further. The Office advisors are here to assist in any of your Atlanta commercial real estate needs.


Furthermore, when you are searching around the world wide web for the best in Atlanta commercial real estate. You will inevitably find The Office Advisors. Our Google reviews speak for themselves. As a consumer, you most likely check out any company before you hire them. Atlanta commercial real estate is no different. The way consumers are interacting with the end product is changing. However, the traditional Atlanta commercial real estate brokerages are not adapting correctly. The Office Advisors are the ones leading the charge. We saw a need for advancement in our industry. We are the force behind the change. So if you need to any assistance with your asset we are the ones for you. Business owners who are trying to locate space contact us as well. Moreover, this is why we have such high reviews. Read our website on all the services we provide to learn more. 


Our Team

 now, here at The Office Advisors, we are striving to only hire the best. If you want individual experts on any type of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset, then we are the ones to hire. The Office Advisors are changing our Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is done. With experts and each individual industry type. So no matter what you were looking for The Office Advisors are here to help. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate has many different industry-specific Targets. No matter what type of real estate you are going after we can assist you. The large corporations to the small businesses are what we specialize in. The capacity to help even the start-up this what we specialize in. No matter if you were medical, industrial, or a restaurant. The Office Advisors are assisting Atlanta Commercial Real Estate businesses.


 Now if you’ve never worked with an  Atlanta commercial real estate firm before then you are in luck.  the way we hire is completely different than your traditional mean. At other Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerages, you will find that most Brokers are just a number. The more Brokers you have on staff the more money the company makes. However, The Office Advisors hire completely different. We only want a team of a player. So each individual is a specialist in their field. Focusing on industry types to assist clients. We only want the best of the best that are willing to follow the process.


 Furthermore atThe Office Advisors is created on a system. No matter what type of business you are you’re only successful as your system. So as long as we have individuals that are following a constant form of creation. The Office Advisors will be set up for success. We want each broker to be on the same page in order to better assist their customers. The Atlanta Commercial Real Estate has many different Brokers. However, not all are created equal. So when you use a traditionally large firm you might not get the same experience if you go with them twice. However, at The Office Advisors, you should constantly be impressed by our “Wow Factor”. We want to make sure that every customer experience goes above and beyond their expectations. That is why our Brokers follow our values to the “T”.



 Starting off we’ll talk about one of our top individuals. Tim Husted is a medical broker. What he does is help industry Professionals of all types in the medical field. Focusing on and tenant representation. So when a practice such as a doctor needs to find a new location Tim is who they should contact. Not only locating a spot but using his expertise to negotiate as well. The ultimate decision is on any individual business. However, our expertise and the information we provide are what make us step out. 


Tim has helped individuals such as start-up Dentistry practices as well as vein and hand surgeon Center.  Focusing on the medical industry, because Tim grew up in a medical family. His parents are both in the medical field as well as his sibling.  knowing the lingo in the medical field can help him negotiate in the new seamlessly through a transaction. So if you are a medical practitioner you should contact him for any of your practice needs.



Next up is Jane Ira Hudson, Gen has been in the private-equity Realms the past couple of years. Not only focusing on multifamily assets but were met analysts as such. She is able to analyze property as well as create a great relationship. Gen is a go get her that can to do it all. She focuses on all range of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset types. She has the unique ability to create relationships with clients. Not only is she is great with negotiating, but being able to see the project through to the Finish. Jane can help you with any of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate need. No matter if you need general office, retail or industrial she is the one to help.



Craig is an industrial specialist.  Growing up as an Atlanta native he understands the ins and outs of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. His father was one of the original founders of the data system for all commercial tenant representation.  Not only is Craig entrepreneurial, but he has a monstrositis amount of experience when it comes to leasing. He helps companies and Distributors alike find a negotiated industrial space. So no matter how large of a warehouse or manufacturing facility you require. Craig is the guy to help you find the right Atlanta Commercial Real Estate location for you.



 Lastly, our founder read as helped individuals of all Atlanta Commercial Real Estate industry types. Seeing a need for all of the commercial real estate to change. He founded The Office Advisors.


What is on the Horizon for Us

coming out in 2021 The Office Advisors are getting to be set to be on top. Not only creating a commercial Development Division but taking over Property Management as well. So no matter what your Commercial Real Estate needs are. The Office Advisors can help from the ground up to lease out and sale of the asset class.



Check us out on our website to learn more about how we can help you in all of your Atlanta commercial real estate endeavors. 


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 The Office Advisors is a subsidiary of Sellect Realty of Georgia