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If you’re searching for Atlanta Commercial Real Estate it looks no more. The Office Advisors are your number one choice and all things commercial related. However you have a choice when it comes to brokerages in the Atlanta metro area, but we can prove that we are the best. Trying to find a proper building or location to lease or business can be difficult. It seems that there are many signs all around Atlanta. However when you start calling on these Brokers for some reason you never get in contact with them. What if I told you that working with a broker on your side is not only completely free, but also advantageous.404-594-3028


 Now when you work with Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage for leasing space they represent your interest. However they should represent your interest in that is not true in every case. The Office Advisors will contact Brokers and landlords on your behalf to push to get you in that space. Furthermore not every single location is going to allow your type of business. There are many things that you need to be aware of before leasing any type of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space.


 The fact of the matter is most landlord Brokers do not want to deal directly with a tenant.  This is because they are unrepresented and many times do not have all of their business dealings in a row. Especially win this potential tenant is a startup. However when you hire The Office Advisors we will prepare you for leasing. So from the get-go we will make sure that you are ready to present to a landlord. Having or team on your side will help ensure that your business will be ready to rent.


What is a lease

Starting off you need to understand what it is when you rent a building. Or a commercial space for that matter. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate has many different landlord options. However with all of them you will be signing a lease document. This lease document covers the terms and conditions of you renting space from a landlord. Not all leases are different and pretty much every single one has different concessions in them.


 Understanding from the get-go that you will not get everything you want in a lease, will put you in a better headspace to start. These are negotiated legal documents. furthermore this is how business is done, you are a customer of the landlord. Remembering that they do not have to let you rent from them. All the concessions and responsibilities of a rented property should be recorded in a lease. This is everything from the amount of rent to the shared responsibilities of the community.


Am I liable?

Now what’s a legal document is bound, then it’s your responsibility to begin. They bring the fact that your business is operating out of someone else’s property. Once the legal document aside you are responsible for all payments that you have agreed to. This also includes not only rent, but many times all of utilities and taxes along with it. However maintenance of the property is addressed as well. Sometimes maintenance is included, and other times it is completely the responsibility of the building owner. Moreover as a responsible business operator you must maintain the inside of your property in order to create a good working environment.


 Furthermore signing the legal document means that you are responsible for all aspects of the document you agree to. You cannot walk away with this document without legal action. So it is best to have someone who is versed in law read before you sign.


Having A Lawyer 

Now, remember before signing a legal document that it is always important to have an attorney look it over. A lease may seem to be straightforward until diving into them. Convoluted wording can always create tension between tenant and landlord. Understanding the bag that they are there to protect themselves, and not spend any money on you. So you must do everything in your power to protect you. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate has many different types of landlords. However you must do your best to protect your money.


 In the Atlanta commercial real estate market, Brokers are not generally licensed as attorneys. We can only give you our opinion and information on the property.  Furthermore, that is why we always suggest hiring an attorney. The attorney can protect you in the long run and make sure that the lease does not have any hidden convoluted languages.


Charges You Do Not Think About

Furthermore in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate we see tendons surprised all the time. The tenants are taken aback when they’re first monthly bill comes. This is because they do not understand the fact that there are charges on top of rent. Insurance, cam, as well as many other different utilities and a ticky-tack thing. To make sure from the onset that an attorney has read through and you understand all of the charges. You do not want to be left holding a massive bill at the end of the month. Especially when you have not even woken up for business.


This story does not come directly from Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. However it does still come from the commercial leasing world. One of my friends and mentors has a terrible story about holding a $25,000 bill. What the landlord says and what you sign or two different things. Always remember that the document and writing is what you were liable for. To keep a long story short a tenant thought he was not responsible for maintenance on a building. However when a $25,000 AC unit went out  he was left holding the bill. Do not let yourself be like him. Make sure that you have proper representation when signing any type of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate lease.


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Now from the get-go you must understand that having representation is important. The Office Advisors should be your number one choice when it comes to Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerages. Always remember that we have great relationships with attorneys as well. Before you sign the lease make sure you contact The Office Advisors first. We are always free, no obligation to work with us, consultation away. 404-594-3028


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