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letter of intent

 firstly list Define what a letter of intent is it when is it used. In the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate world, its letter of intent or Loi is it is known is used as a negotiating tool. They are not legally binding documents. Use between Brokers and users of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. It out what is the general terms on which a lease or purchase and sell will be executed. However just because it is in the letter of intent does not mean it always makes it to the final cut.


 General terms of a deal

 Subsequently, there are many different concessions that can come up in a letter of intent. As well as there are so many normals out in there. Is important to understand that the terms of these LOI’s can change on a dime.  Once you start getting into the nitty-gritty as well as due diligence. Generally speaking, you will see a surprise pop-up. This is common when dealing with any type of real estate. Just commercial property.  We will outline some of these general terms below.



Starting off at the top of the page is an introduction. Generally speaking, it should be professional and concise. Especially when between Brokers it is you’re presenting of this letter of intent to begin negotiations. Typically on the behalf of your client.



Now, this can go if you are a leasing document or a purchase. A person who is in possession of the property is typically named at the beginning. You want to be as clear on ownership and legal rights as possible. Especially when dealing with Shady characters in the Atlanta commercial real estate market.


 Tenant or purchaser

 just as before you want to name the parties who are going through the transaction. Not just the Brokers but the actual individuals who will be trading money. This can be a tenant in a lease or the purchaser in a sale. It is always important to name who is going to be a party to the transaction.


 Commencement or closing date

  Subsequently, the date on which the terms are to be executed should be named. This is called a commencement date when signing at least. Or a closing date when purchasing a property. funds will change hands and that the transaction will commence.



Now, this is when dealing with a lease of a space or building. A term is the amount of time that the lease will be active. A business might be something for 5 or more years. As well as sometimes last. This is just how long the tenant will be paying the landlord. 


Operating expenses

 when negotiating a lease it is important to understand what the expenses will be in he’ll be paid for them. The operating expenses are generally estimated as well. Especially on a leased that is triple-net. This is when the tenant will be paying the utilities. So during negotiations is it important to identify all of the operating expenses.



 if there is any free rent being given back to the tenant there’s important to be addressed. Additionally, sometimes landlords will not collect rent for the first few months of being moved in. The landlord wants to give the business time to make some money. A landlord wants a business to succeed so rent can be collected.



Additionally, there’s typically a build-out phase for a business that is moving into his face. During the letter of intent is important to negotiate these terms. Because a landlord might be getting some type of tenant improvement allowance. The build-out phase is negotiated as well. The landlord has to sign off on the initial drawings and rendering. They want to make sure that their new tenant is not going to do anything crazy.



 the Brokers here are The Office Advisors are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate experts. Making sure that our clients are taken care of that every turn. The negotiation phase is something that we love doing. However, we strive to get to the best deal for our clients every time. Is there a website or call us today to learn more. 404-594-3028


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Change is coming to Atlanta commercial real estate. Read this to see that most agree. Which can mean changes to LOI’s. With changing demand comes a different approach to negotiations.


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