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Atlanta commercial real estate | what does it cost 

Have you found yourself trying to find a new office space in the Atlanta commercial real estate market? This can be a very tough thing to do especially with all the different Brokers spaces and other types of traffic conditions. You have nothing to see here if you work with The Office Advisors. We are Atlanta’s number one source for everything tenant representation. We are certain that you will not find a better deal around then working  with us. 404-594-3028


 Now if you have never hired a tenant rep broker before then there’s a few things you should know. Every brokerage is different in that each one has different service offerings. We’re just going to give you an overview of what we typically see in the industry. As license Realtors we are not allowed to say what the industry standard  commission rate is. The best part though is that you will not not be able to afford this. I can guarantee that The Office Advisors will be in the cheapest and best use for your money out there. Our service is better than every other broker down there and the best part is you don’t even have to pay us.


Who Is Responsible For Commissions?


 How do brokers get paid in Atlanta commercial real estate transactions?  What you typically see in a leasing transaction in the Atlanta area is that a landlord will be paying the commission of both sides of the transaction. Moreover this is even true if there is only one broker in the transaction. A landlord as a broker representing his interest in watching out for his money just makes sense that you as a business owner should have one too.


However what we typically see is that many business owners think that they will be saving money by going out on this by themselves. Now this is just not true. The landlord has the cost of commissions already built in to his cost of doing business. He will already be hiring a broker to Market his services of his Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space. This broker is being paid a commission for his services rendered in his marketing to try to find a tenant.  Moreover the broker will receive the entire Commission if there is no broker representing  a tenant. So the landlord is going to be paying someone commission he might as well have someone looking out for your knees on your side.


Clients paying a Retainer fee!


 Secondly another way that we typically see people being compensated at other larger firms is retainer fees. Some of these larger firms require that you keep their broker on a retainer fee. We do not do this at The Office Advisors. Retainer fees can be expensive and can last months or even years while you were checking out a space. Whatever the Atlanta commercial real estate market has to offer they are still making money off you. This is unfortunate for you because you are paying someone that might not be doing their job.


 Furthermore another typical way of compensation that we see for Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage is a minimum. We have worked with brokers who require a minimum of their commission. This means that if the ample square footage does not meet the amount of commission split between the brokers they will be looking for more. They are requesting that you the tenant pays more Commission in order for them to be compensated. This practice is not something that we like to see. We feel that it puts the little guys at a disadvantage. We are a small business just like you and we will not charge you for our services. Understanding that every can you count a special and opening up a new company we do not have a minimum on our service.


Small Price for a Small Business


The Office Advisors understand small businesses, because we are a small business as well. When you work with one of the larger brokerages in the Atlanta commercial real estate market you might not even qualify for their service. How terrible is that? Nice it larger firms do not even want to waste their time with you if you are looking for anything less than 5000 square foot. We think this does a great disservice to not only our industry but the other small businesses as well. How can a business grow if they can’t even get proper representation and Ruby possibly taken advantage of.


 Now you might be asking yourself what do The Office Advisors charge for their Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Services.  All of our services vary except for tenant representation.  you will not believe how great of a price we offer. For our tenant representation Services we are always free. That is right for you or client, we will not charge you a penny. We understand how some all bought businesses operate because we are as one as well. This is why we feel that everyone needs help. We had the capacity to help the large account corporations, but rather help to Growing business. Relationships can build something great for both of us. So when you think of Tenant representations make sure that you think of The Office Advisors. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs a changing force behind it and we are the ones to do it.


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How to reach us


 The best way to reach us is to visit our website at The Office You can tell one of the forms and our Brokers are getting in touch with you. We make this very simple and you don’t have to fill out the entire form just your contact information. We are Atlanta’s number one commercial real estate brokers for a reason. Our customers and clients love us and read reviews and speak for ourselves. So you’re looking for any Atlanta Commercial Real Estate service make sure you check us out. If you were looking for listings check out this one here. 404-594-3028




Being in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Company we love working with all the businesses that we come into contact with. So if you’re a business owner or an industry leader you might want to check out our YouTube channel at The Office Advisors. Our vice president commercial operations Reid Moorehost a Roundtable discussion. You can check it out on our blog as well on our website. while you’re on YouTube Channel please like And subscribe.


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The Office Advisors is part of a great family of brokerages. We have a long history of service to the Atlanta metro area. So now matter what type of commercial or residential real estate service you are looking for. The Office Advisors and the Sellect Family are here. (404)-661-2137