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Looking to start in a new business in  Atlanta Commercial real estate? Then The Office Advisors might be the right place for you. Especially if you were looking for the most energetic fun in a different way to work. The Office Advisors we want only the best of the best. That means we are looking for energetic and coachable individuals.  The ones that are the go getters and we’ll get up and work.


Now if you’re in a player then we want you on our team. We are looking for Motivated sales people who want to make a career in real estate. Especially Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. The Office Advisors is going to be the best choice if you were raring to go. This is because we do things differently than your traditional brokerages.


 However you have to be at start one for us. So make sure that you have gone through the necessary steps to become a licensed agent. You should also just go ahead and check out our website at Or you can call us and tell him you’re interested and a career at The Office Advisors. We are Atlanta’s commercial real estate number one brokerage. Call us today at 404-594-3028


Are you Licenced?


 Now the first step into your commercial real estate career in Atlanta is having the proper designation. What you need to do is go to a school and pass your licensing test for the state of Georgia. All Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Realtors must be licensed in the state of Georgia.


So the first step in your new career in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. Check out to learn more about us. you can check out all about our team in the reasons that we founded The Office Advisors. You want an “A” player so you need to go ahead and get a license to begin your career.


 If you are already licensed in the state of Georgia then we would love to hear from you. Especially if you’re a go-getter. We like experience in CREl, but if you are kicking ass and residential we’d love to talk to you. Especially if you love working with listings and are a beast at putting them on the market. 


The Problem we saw with the Traditional Model


Furthermore at The Office Advisors is the number one choice for Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage for a reason. When our founder created The Office Advisors it was because of a problem. What we saw was a major issue with the way traditional Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerages is done. Not just how business is done but the hiring and Commercial process. We feel like they are trying to make it something that is not. With the amount of information and the internet at our hands we do not need long lag times. The traditional brokerage takes more of The Apprentice role for years. It takes a long time before a broker to ramp up any type of actual income. Senior Brokers will not allow Junior Brokers to do much work. They make them do all of the actual grunt work in lead gen.The do not bring them in on the actual deal. 


 However it is very expensive to run in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage. Especially when you were doing it with the traditional model. They have large offices and a lot of Staff. They pay for Unnecessary software and promotional items. Here are The Office Advisors we run lean and mean. We want all of our Brokers and agents up and running within a few week period.


Why We Are Different


The Office Advisors are different for a few reasons. We are a swift agile young company. Even though we have experience in real estate for decades this company Endeavors new. However we are a team of “A” players that use technology to our advantage. We will help feed our ages. Instead of like the traditional model where Brokers are thrown to the Wolves. The Office Advisors wants to be able to help create leads for our Brokers. We understand the fact that it can take years to build relationships. 


 however with the Advent of technology in the amount of people spending time on it. We see that the future is moving towards a more client Focus model. What this means is that they are coming out searching us.  Atlanta commercial real estate market is changing.  there are many small businesses and startups in Atlanta. A disservice is being done to them by the large traditional Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firms.


 Furthermore they will not typically spend any time with the small business. The Office Advisors is a small business as well so that’s why we love serving them. The best part about working as a tenant representative in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is the  landlord pays our commission fee. The Office Advisors are different because we want to help with lead generation as well as a system.


Doesn’t take years to get on a deal 


 Now what we mean is that you can talk quickly about how to do our sales process. We have a trust improving sales model that we can plug you right into so you will be successful immediately. We want to make sure that our team is a player that everyone is hungry for knowledge. This is why we tried to build out the system as plug-in play for our Brokers. We want you coming in ready to work.


 Likewise you will be required to follow our scripts and systems. This is because we want you to be successful. When you create Divergence he’s in a business then and that’s when things get muddy. The reason that we are going to be the best in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is because of this. We want everyone on board and we will make sure that you are successful. So it just makes good sense to join our team.


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We would love to Hear from You


If you’re still wondering whether you want to join The Office Advisors for your next Atlanta Commercial Real Estate career visit our website. We want the best player so action is key. Call us today. 404-594-3028


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