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Finding the Best Brokerage

Looking for the number one Atlanta Commercial Real Estate company to work for, then you found it. The Office Advisors at is it the best real estate firm in Atlanta. There is no arguing that the energy and Charisma comes with it. If you don’t believe it’s just check out our website. You can also check out Google reviews from points. The Office Advisors is changing the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate game. On purpose! We want only top talent. If you don’t have energy for a drive to do better, quit reading now.


 Now, many other Atlanta commercial real estate companies are extremely boring. We probably are not reaching when we’re saying all of them are boring. They are stuffy, old and very slow. The opposite is The Office Advisors. We are new Young and agile. We were able to pivot Points quickly and efficiently. That is because we are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts.


 Furthermore many of you may have already started a new job search. With the coronavirus going on fake or not people need to make money. So you might not be happy at your current position at your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firm. We suggest that you reach out to us. We are looking for the best and brightest. If you’re a top producer and want to make more money and a growing company and give us a call.404-594-3028


Being Different from other Companies 


 Now sticking out like a sore thumb on purpose! The Office Advisors will be the number one Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firm soon. We are on the rise and we need other Rising Stars to join our ranks. Being efficiency experts we do not have the same extreme overhead as your traditional Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerages. We are setting our company up to be a quick agile and digital! Does this sound like a great opportunity for you? Of course it does. So why don’t you reach out to us and begin the journey and make the most money you’ll ever make.


 The Office Advisors was founded because there was a huge lack in the market. That last was not only for small businesses but for clients as well. From our experience when we worked at the larger firms in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate we were disheartened. Massively disheartened it to say the least. What we saw is Brokers that spin years making no money. The old system of having an Apprentice for years is dead. Technology has given us a massive advantage of the amount of information we have.The Office Advisors uses this technology and advantage to take down the competition.


 Furthermore if you are not looking to be a go-getter in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate and we don’t want you. However if you are trying to become the greatest person you can give us a call. The Office Advisors is here to help feed our Brokers as well. We want to be driving leads to them so they are not wasting time and effort on non-committal.  Al process is a fast-track or Junior Brokers. It is also a system that any other experienced Atlanta commercial real estate broker can be plugged into. With very short ramp up time. Forever if you are looking for self development in a proven system to make money The Office Advisors are the right choice for you.


What We Are Looking For


 However if you were just a girl and a commercial real estate broker looking to Coast don’t even attempt. This is because we do not put up with non productivity. If you have low energy and are divisive need not apply. The top individuals will make the cut. We interview mini Atlanta commercial real estate brokers and land on the smallest percentile. If you want to work with us, reach out to our vice president. Reid Moore will be able to answer any of your questions as well as screen you to see if you were the right fit.


A Players Only


 Furthermore we are looking for the top individual. We do not want someone that is going to sit there sheepish Lee and not go after the goal. Your goal is up to you however we set high goals for the company. So if you looking to be part of something that is great and growing this is at. The Office Advisors will be Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Premier brokerage.


Subsequently, Do you wake up early in the morning? Are you a rising grind type of person? This is what we’re looking for. We won’t go get her some people who can put their life together. If you stand around and wait for deals to come to you you will not make it. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is full of half-ass Agents. The Office Advisors are for your “A” players-only!


Now you might be asking yourself what does this top individual look like? Well they have to align with our core values first. We can pretty much tell from our initial conversations if you’re going to be a good fit. People make excuses all the time. This is not what we are looking for. If you’re combative and looking for excuses and want to do Your Own Thing Go Right. The Office Advisors is the best system for current growth.


Our Core Values

However our core competency and values is what we look for. If you do not align with these then we don’t want you. We only want people who can a line write with these values. This is because this is the entire basis of our business. Our business not will not survive if you do not align. We are not looking for Conformity just to fit into a system. Furthermore you think your way is best if you’re probably wrong. That is why you were looking for a new location. Our foundation has four points.

  1. High Energy
  2. On Time
  3. Production
  4. Passion for Personal Development

 If none of these sound like you then you will not fit. We want all 4 for our team. The best talk about working with The Office Advisors is we bring the heat. A group of constantly thriving and working individuals. Trust us if you’re on this team you will thrive.

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Would love to hear from You

If you are not completely convinced. Go and visit our website. You can read about all the services we offer and see where you might possibly fit it. As well as our Partnerships to show that we only work with the best. We make it easy for you to contact us. All you have to do is fill out one of the forms. As always give us a call as well. Starting your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate career today.

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