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We want to make absolutely sure that our Atlanta commercial real estate brokers are different. We do this by hiring a different type of individual. You will be impressed immediately when working with one of our Brokers at The Office Advisors. What you need to do is visit our website at  you’re going to see the services we provide outstanding. We are the best in the Atlanta commercial real estate market. What you need to do is contact us today to understand more.(404) 594-3028


 No we ain’t The Office Advisors have many different services that we can offer for any type of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. This is because we are experienced in many different aspects of commercial real estate. We’re different in the aspect that Brokers take a more client-facing approach. If you have ever worked with a Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Broker in the last you might feel like you are just another transaction to them this however is not the case at The Office Advisors. We will take you as a client and treat you as if you were family. You have nothing to fear when working with one of our brokers.


The Best in Service


Now what you will quickly understand that our services are better than the rest around this. The Atlanta commercial real estate market is very dull. No matter what broker you choose you typically will get the same level of service and same level of marketing. This is because the Atlanta commercial real estate market is stagnant. It is an old boys club that we are set out to change. We had The Office Advisors make sure that our client understands that we are technologically facing forward. We want to make sure that our clients have the best service out of anyone in the Atlanta commercial real estate market.


 Furthermore The Office Advisors want to show you and that our photography is better than anyone. What you need to do is check out any of our listings on or On our website you can check out how we go about doing our services. Also why you weren’t there you might want to check out our other services. You can check on the hour Services tab to figure out all the different Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Services we offer.


Pushing better Tech


 The technology we use is better than the rest. Moreover we are more Adept at using it.  This is because we believe that technology is what is going to drive the Atlanta commercial real estate market forward.  Moreover we have to be on the cusp of changing technology to adapt to the other services that we offer. The businesses that we deal with on a day-to-day basis are trying to constantly push their businesses board with the use of Technology. The Office Advisors is no different. The Atlanta commercial real estate market is slow to these changes and that’s why we think we are different.


 Continuing If you want to learn more about The Office Advisors all you have to do is visit our website. Is very easy to navigate with not a lot of information. We don’t like clouding up our website. We want to make sure that you can get in contact with us because this is how we can help you with your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs.


Now If you have never worked with a broker in the Atlanta commercial real estate market this is going to be different. No matter what type of representation you have had in the past The Office Advisors are going to be more responsive and we guarantee that. Even if you haven’t had experience with a residential agent when buying or selling a home you know how frustrating they can be. We come from a background in all different types of Industries in the different aspects of real estate. So we understand your needs. Also are Brokers love our job so that’s why our enthusiasm is greater than the rest.


Choose the right firm


Also when choosing a commercial real estate brokerage you should be aware that not all are cut from the same cloth. You will quickly realize when talking around that many of the Atlanta commercial real estate brokers might not have time for you. What we found is that many Brokers do not waste their time with smaller deals. We believe that this is a disservice and a sad thing for many businesses. We will work with you no matter what your size. Furthermore we love working with large companies just as much as small companies. So no matter what your size you can contact us today and we were happy to help.


The Office Advisors are different 


Now you might feel that you need the Atlanta commercial real estate market. You would be correct with this assumption. The Office Advisors are very unique in the fact that we are young and driven and want to change the landscape of commercial real estate. This is because we feel that it has been a very lacking industry to adapt to the technology changes that so many of us face. We feel that we can change the industry and change along with your help. We want to make sure that you get the best service possible while helping us grow at the same time.


 Lastly you need to understand that we are here to service you. We do not get paid until the deal is done. This is why we want to make sure that you are happy and content at every step of the way. You will realize that you were a broker is constantly trying to help improve your status as a business as long as there’s. This is because when everybody wins we all win. We want to make sure that your business is set up for Success from the onset. So what are you waiting for, contact us today.


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You might have found out that on our website we make it very easy to get in touch with us. This is because we want you to spend less time trying to find out how to reach us and chase us down. You should be running your business and that is why we have made it easy for you to reach us.


YouTube channel


Lastly, our vice president holds a weekly Mastermind meeting on YouTube. If you’re a business owner or inspiring business owner you should check out our YouTube channel to find out more. He holds a Roundtable discussion with Atlanta Business Leaders not only in the Atlanta commercial real estate market but other Industries. They discuss the challenges that we are currently facing and market conditions on how to adapt.

 Residential Real Estate Services

Finally we can help with it not just your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs but your residential needs as well. Our sister brokerage Sellect Realty. They are trusted residential real estate Brokerage in the Marietta area for years. (404) 594-3028