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Having an Industry Professional 


Remember that whenever you purchase or even sign a lease in Atlanta Commercial real estate acid you are signing legal documentation. So it is very important to have an industry professional on your side with Note. The office advisors is your go-to source for all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. We have the most professional Brokers with the utmost industry knowledge. So if you want some on your side that will help protect you from bad real estate decisions contact us.


 Know if you have any type of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset than you’ve had a closing. I’m sure that you are aware that whenever you are signing documentation in the state of Georgia for Real Estate they are legal documents. Understanding the fact that these are binding and create liabilities for both parties. It is imperative that you have a complete understanding of what you were signing. Being left with funds miss allocated and unknown responsibilities is no fun.


However, these could have been prevented. The Office Advisors are here to watch your back when it comes to Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. A broker that understands what it’s like to go through the process. Even if you do not choose to work with us we always advise on having representation. Not only does it free up your time, but can create an event coordinator for the process.


Know if It Is Legal


 Whether you are purchasing an asset or trying to lease a space on a landlord oh, you will be signing legal documentation. But every piece of paper especially in the beginning is binding. Many times to go stations are done at first or until the final documentation is put together. Negotiations are typically non-binding in order to create less tension.


Furthermore having a representative from The Office Advisorscan keep your head Lincoln place. We will make sure that you understand every piece of paper that comes your way. This is to help ensure the fact that you have less stress whenever you are dealing with an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset. Our seamless process and client focusing model creates less tension throughout the transaction. 


Purchase & Sale Document

Subsequently when you are buying an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset the final piece of contract before it goes to an attorney is the binding document. What it does is it outlines all the responsibilities and concessions for each party. Whether you are the owner of the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate building or the one buying. You will have certain duties and concessions to make before the final sale of the building.


Long term Effects

Remember that once the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate that closes you will have long-term responsibilities. I’m sure it goes without saying that there can be hangovers from the purchase of a building. Now all of the responsibilities of ownership lies on you. However you must Pay the mortgage company if you did not buy it cash. The responsibilities of utilities and upkeep now line on the owner.  Understand why there might even be hidden clauses in the sale document. Having an attorney on your side can prevent headaches later.



When leasing a building the draft lease is typically marked up multiple times. It does the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate world attorneys Revlon documents back and forth. This is after the letter of intent phase. The letter of intent phase is the non-binding negotiation process of a lease. However after this phase is completed a draft lease is then negotiated over. remembering that once all parties agree on a signing will be done. A lease is when you rent a space from an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate owner. The owner or Landlord expects payment for the use of the building.


Long term Effects

Now I can go on and on about horror stories from clients. Our clients typically come to us after having a terrible experience of the landlord. However just remember that landlords are in the business to make money not spend it. There are many bad landlords in the Atlanta commercial real estate market. Subsequently having the opposite visors on your side can help prevent headaches along the way.


Furthermore, Even once an attorney goes through your entire lease during the negotiations can still be bad things that happen.As a business owner ask lots of questions. Always go over with your  broker to get everything from the letter of intent on the lease in writing. We had missed many times where we thought that the items were addressed, only to find out later they have been deleted. So no matter what happens, have the office advisors on your side. We are your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts. Having an attorney to redline your lease is always highly advised. Remember these are always legal documents that are binding and create responsibilities for you. Even if your business fails typically you are responsible for the remainder of the rent term. 

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