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If you are looking for a change in your commercial real estate brokerage, then you have found the right place. The Office Advisors are constantly evolving how Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is done. Whether it be our systematic process that is changing how brokers work. Easing the clients stresses by eliminating confusion.Technology is what will help aid our brokers in assisting you. Visit our website to learn more. You can read about how we are changing the way Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is done. As well as why representation is important. Contact us today to learn more.


 Now if you have never been in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate world then you might not understand. The industry is that of a “good old boy” system. The major firms at the top of the food chain are comfortable. Creating an environment that does not want to change. The major players in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate have made lots of money. So why would they think they would need to change the way they do it. However the way users of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space have changed. This means that there needs to be a new force in the market. aiding clients in a more systematic and efficient manner. Technology will help us achieve this goal. The office advisors are you’re marketforce.


Commercial Real Estate the Sloth

Traditionally the way CRE brokerage has adapted is that of an extremely slow moving creature. Like a sloth content and happy just sitting around. The large Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firms do not like new things. They also do not like new brokers just popping up. So here at the office advisors we are constantly fighting for not only respect but deals as well. Most Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firms do not want to advertise with the use of Technology. Feeling that technology will end their industry. However the office advisors see this from an opposite viewpoint.


 Furthermore with the aid of technology we will be able to assist our clients better. Clients want an efficient Atlanta Commercial Real Estate experience. Whether they are buying or leasing a building. The use of technology can create a system that is beneficial to all. Most Brokers believe that the aid of technology will wipe out their industry completely. However the office advisors are using technology because we feel it’s more important to assist our clientele. You can rest assured that we are one of few if not the only constantly striving to use technology. Having your back is what the office advisors do best.


What Tech do Most firms Use?

 Now you might be saying that of course Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firms use technology. That is true however besides the use of the general software they don’t Branch out much. Maybe dabbling in Facebook and Linkedin. even if on their personal time they are constantly scrolling through these social media Outlets. The large commercial brokerages do not see the need to utilize these systems. Opting instead for the industry standards that only Brokers look at it.


 So ask yourself a question does it make more sense to work with a typewriter or a computer. The answer is simple, a computer. That is what it is like when you will work with the office advisors. Our Brokers are not only skilled in all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. They know how to use technology to their aid as well.


What Makes Us Different 


The office advisors stand out from the crowd. We use professional photography on all of our listings. The way we Market is not only through two Brokers but the direct consumer as well. The need to advertise to add the consumer is fairly apparent. We do not understand why this seems like such a foreigner idea to most large firms. Atlanta commercial real estate market we have seen some companies try and fail. However we have positioned ourselves and have stuck to a plan to prove it. He also advisors will constantly evolve with the users of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate.


Users are Changing not firms 

 Furthermore a firm has to adapt to the user. Not just the way other Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerages are acting. If a user is drifting towards a certain technology platform, then it makes sense to go after that. That is why we are utilizing the most commonly used social media platforms. Not only marketing to get leads, but for our clients as well. The rise of platforms to purchase items is a major reason for this.


 Now earlier in the 2020 CoStar purchased a company called Tenx for a staggering $190 million. This company is an online platform to buy and sell commercial real estate. Costar, the largest technology platform in Commercial Real Estate is purchasing a company like this. Then don’t you believe that they are seeing a shift in the way users or acting. The office advisors saw this shift as well. That is why we are creating and utilizing technology to our benefit. So if you want to work with a company that is ahead of the curve. They contact the office advisors today. 

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 Now if you are not completely convinced that you should work with the office advisors, then visit our website. Having representation is important whenever you are going through Atlanta commercial real estate transactions. You can fill out one of our forms and our Brokers will get to you as soon as possible. Remember there is always a free no obligation to work with this consultation you can use the website to reach us or call us here.404-594-3028


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