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Different Ways to Own a Building


Whatever you’re trying to search for Atlanta Commercial Real Estate you might find yourself dealing with a lot of different people. This is because there are a vast array of different commercial property owners. Here at The Office Advisors we are experts at dealing with all types. So no matter what type of you so you need for Atlanta Commercial Real Estate be sure to contact the office of advisors either via our website or phone. 404-594-3028


All the different types of property owners in Atlanta Barry as well as many other states. This is because there are many opportunities and structures to form ownership or Partnerships of an asset class. When trying to navigate a transaction of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space it is important to understand that the individual you are dealing with. Different types of ownership creates different types of motivations and needs. However The Office Advisors are  your key source of information when dealing with Atlanta commercial real estate property owners. 


The first owner of a building


Firstly when dealing with Atlanta Commercial Real Estate property owners there’s the individual who builds the product first. These are generally referred to as merchant Builders or Developers. A merchant Builder is an individual or company who will initially build the property for sale. They’re the ones who are securing the land Building the building and then trying to meet Lee unload it. Their whole goal is to build and sell. They are not in the business of holding on to a property once it is finished either just by construction or leased out. So when dealing with a merchant beard Builder it is important to understand what they are trying to accomplish.


 Furthermore having a broker at the office of visors on your side can better set you up for Success. We understand that the goal of a merchant Builder or developer is to quickly sell the property. They are motivated in terms of their cost into the operation. They only want to make a quick profit and or not interested in any long-term or due diligence closings. So coming to Market Builder was a quick offer and something that makes easy sense is typically the best way to get the job done.  Moreover, developers like to get a property sold as quickly as possible once it is completed.


Single Building Ownership


Now another type of Atlanta commercial real estate property owner is what we refer to as an individual owner. The individual or entrepreneurial owner is typically just a private citizen who has another day job. They have invested their money in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset in order to receive cash flow. Cash flow is the amount of return you receive from leasing or renting out your property. Typically they are a professional of some sort dinner just trying to diversify their investment.


 However dealing with a single owner can also put you at an advantage. They may be more motivated because managing an entire land commercial real estate property on your own can be time-consuming. So many times these people hold this for a while. Then once any equity in the property is realized they want to sell and get out of it.


More Than One Decision Maker


Now dealing with a private partnership can be hard to figure out the motivations. This is because you were typically dealing with two or more individuals who own a l and a commercial real estate asset. Trying to get both owners on the same page is a difficult task in many scenarios. Fear not though The Office Advisors are your broker on your side.  We will always make sure we are dealing with the individuals in charge and do our best navigating the negotiations.


However chilling with a partnership it is important to understand the goals of both or all the individuals who are going to benefit financially from the transaction. The broker on your side is an expert in navigating this landfill. Rest assured that we can help you navigate any of these types of situations.


Large Investment Companies


 Another type of owner is typically referred to as an Institutional owner. These are Pension funds or REITs. A realtor in Real Estate Investment Trust is a financial cool where many people or a large portion is invested into an account. This phone is managed by a company or individual. Their soul goes to make profit for the long-term investment of the Real Estate Investment Trust. So dealing with an entity other than an individual can create barriers. However you can also create opportunity because they are looking at the larger number not finding individual properties. Generally These funds have multiple properties.


This is only a small portion of the different structures of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate ownership. However The Office Advisors can help you navigate no matter what you are trying to accomplish or deal with. The Atlanta commercial real estate market has many different opportunities in many different individuals. We can help you navigate and achieve your goals in real estate.


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