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If you have ever worked with an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate company, I hope your experience is great. However it is well known that the commercial industry here in Atlanta is not the most trustworthy. There are even books written about it. A long history of bribes and incestuous dealings. Our industry has a black guy to say the least. However when you work with The Office Advisors this will not be the case. Founded on trustworthiness and transparency towards the client. We utilize technology for efficiency and are upfront with our clients. To learn more about our services you can visit our website. The most trustworthy and efficient brokers in Atlanta.


 Now, you might be saying to yourself What Makes You Different. The Office Advisors are constantly striving to better our Atlanta Commercial Real Estate industry. Traditionally speaking we have not been in good favor with the public. Bribery in government has also plagued the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate industry. The Office Advisors are the New Kids on the Block. Striving to change how business is done. We love assisting small businesses because we are a small business as well. All of our Brokers are vetted and kept to the highest standards. Not only do they take continuing education courses on ethics. But we have a zero-tolerance policy at the office.


The Office Advisors Only Hires The Best

Furthermore the Integrity starts with the individuals with higher. When you were constantly coming through Atlanta commercial real estate brokers. Some of them are lazy, and others don’t seem to be the most favorite characters. However only the individuals that are brought onto our team had the highest Integrity. We would not only be the best in producing results, but the highest of Integrity as well. The Office Advisors hold our Atlanta commercial real estate brokers to the highest levels of expected. So when you decide to work with us you can rest assured that you will not be lied to. Brokers will not lead you astray. Only being advised on real estate needs that meets your interest.


How we Hire

We achieve the highest ethics and the best brokers through our hiring process. The way we go about it is through a three-phase onboarding and interview. The first step is to have a group interview. We email all candidates letting them know at the time and place of the interview. Not telling them necessarily that it is a group interview. We do this for a few reasons. We’ll get into this later. Taking only the brightest and best from the interviews then we move on to the next. We require all of them that are holding an active Georgia real estate license. As well as taking ethics courses and are shown in productivity.


Why The Group Interview

 Moreover, a group interview sounds scary to many. Some people compare us to Wendy’s when they hear that. However this is done not only for efficiency, but to Showcase the broker. I want to see how they interact in a team environment from the start. Also if they are willing to Showcase themselves and prove that they are a top dog.


 Secondly many people lie on their resume. When you see someone face-to-face you can understand if they have integrity. Most of the time this is true. Also if we booked out an hour for each candidate that is typically 9 hours a week wasted. If I do one group interview from the start I can read out nine potential failures. Only moving on to the next week and second-round interviews will be the best.



Since he is a major factor for The Office Advisors. Will you practice what we preach and that is why we do the group interviews. Creating a system around our Brokers is how we practice efficiency. These methods can ensure a smooth process not only for the client but other Brokers as well. This is done through checklist and scripts. Making sure that information is shared so a client can be taken care of fast. The problem with current industry in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is information is not shared. Generally speaking Brokers are greedy. They will hold on to their commercial listing and covet themt. We see this as a huge disservice to their flights. At The Office Advisors we share our Atlanta Commercial Real Estate commissions.



Now, creating an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate team at The Office Advisors is different. Sometimes you might hear of a retail, land, office for an industrial team. These “teams” are what they referred to at larger firms. However they do not operate in the most “team” fashion. The Office Advisors are different. We do not split anybody’s commissions up for a quote team. Operating as individuals. However, our team is based on sharing information and getting the job done. We want our Brokers to be successful as well as our clients. The Office Advisors is changing how Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is done.Starting with our hiring methods.


Always Looking for Brokers

So if what we have been saying sounds good to you then check us out. We are always looking to hire the best brokers. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is filled with great talent, and it is wasted at larger firms. However The Office Advisors is trying to groom are Brokers into being the most successful they can be. Without pigeonhole them into a specific industry. We encourage knowledge base across all. Is what it comes down to, a transaction on real estate is all the same. Some of the jargon might change, however it is about customer service. We believe that getting the job done in meeting the client’s needs is what counts.


Contact Us

 Lastly if you are a client or a broker get in touch with The Office Advisors. We can help achieve all of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs at. Whether that be from the usage side or the broker side. Is it our website to fill out a form today. You will be contacted by one of our Brokers as soon as possible. Or you can call us. 404-594-3028


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