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If you’re looking to understand the most current Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Trends, then you come to the right place. The Office Advisors are your number one source for all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. However you could spend your time searching the internet and reading articles. Some of these articles use industry terms.  The terms make it even more boring. So if you don’t want to waste your time contact The Office Advisors. The Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts. Constantly staying on top of the market. Check out this article from The Daily Chronicle about CRE forecasting to 2026

Now if you’ll never work within the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firm then you’re not alone. Many individuals and business owners never have. They typically just interact with a landlord or property manager. This is still an individual who is involved in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. Our brokerage exists to aid all users of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. Not just landlords. We specialize in a tenant representation in order to help businesses. We love helping small businesses with their commercial real estate needs. The Office Advisors is a small business as well.


The Current Economic Climate 

Firstly the current economic conditions of our country are unpredictable. No matter who you are I’m sure you’re affected from the Corona pandemic. With many individuals losing their jobs and going on government assistance. The economics have been thrown out of whack. Mini people make more money by staying at home. So different Atlanta Commercial Real Estate sectors have adapted. Some of them for the better.


 Furthermore social issues have created new trends. These Trends are seemingly going to stay the same for the next few years. So make sure you have an advisor on your side that understands Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. The Office Advisors is the number one choice.


Different Commercial Real estate Sectors

Now many different Atlanta Commercial Real Estate the vertices have seen changes.What’s lagging sectors are now booming.  the inverse is also true for others. 2019 saw one of the greatest economic expansions in American history. However the current economic crisis is creating a lot of uncertainty in real estate. The Office Advisors are constantly paying attention to to not only Atlanta Commercial Real Estate but other Trends around the country. Making sure that we are on top of the game. 



Atlanta is not the only city seeing an exodus. Many renters are moving out of the city towards the suburbs. Creating a bass need for multifamily.  before the pandemic and social issues. The developers were creating more multi-family in the city centre. However with social unrest  Families are leaving the cities. Wanting a safer environment not all can afford to purchase homes.  the people who cannot purchase need to rent. Renters are now looking for not only large multi-family development. They are wanting single family homes as well. So this is a good time as a multifamily developer to start creating opportunities in suburbs. However traditionally this is difficult. Zoning can be hard for multifamily. The suburbs are not wanting high-density housing. So a single-family renter might be the waiting.



Furthermore Atlanta Commercial Real Estate industrial sector saying boo with e-commerce skyrocketing in 2020. Need for distribution centers is on the ride. With Atlanta being a business sector location. The industrial aspect is on the rise. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate has traditionally been cheaper to complete. This is because of our low taxes and cost of doing business. So with many large companies leaving their home States. Atlanta is poised for another economic boom. Industrial in Atlanta has also outpacing other major cities in rent. The asking rent for Atlanta Commercial Real Estate industrial properties were on the rise during the lockdowns.



 Lastly it is to be unseen how office in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate are going to be affected. Right now many major corporations are not even sending people back till quarter 1 of 2021. So with mass office leases being unused it is still unseen. However here in the city we have many square footage of office being currently built. Some of the speculative and others partially least out already. 2021, and into 2022 will be the more telling of how the office sector will fare. Stay with The Office Advisors to make sure you have the best representation before signing a lease.

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